Umarekawaru. Watashi wa Kyua Burūmingu!
Heartbeat Pretty Cure! episode 01
"Reborn. I Am Cure Blooming!"
Air date May 12, 2013
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Opening Yuujou no Change
Ending Mogyutto "LOVE" de Sekkin Chuu!
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

Reborn. I Am Cure Blooming! (生まれ変わる。私はキュアブルーミング! Umarekawaru. Watashi wa Kyua Burūmingu!?) is the first episode of Heartbeat Pretty Cure!, where Haretsu, a Mirage Pretty Cure that was reborn, becomes Cure Blooming.


The episode begins with mascot Chyra narrating about how the Mirage Cures were reborn, but their memories were erased, one special day. She then explains the story begins with Haretsu, better known as Cure Blossom Mirage, waking up one school morning...

Haretsu narrates by introducing herself, and then goes downstairs to eat breakfast. Her mom, Iro, says she should best eat a quick breakfast so she can see her dad, Saku, before going over to the school. She eats some cereal and her dad arrives. Haretsu and Saku hug each other before the bus arrives for school. Iro and Saku say goodbye to Haretsu before she takes off.

In class, one of Haretsu's classmates is talking about Pretty Cure, which makes her curious. Her classmate says Pretty Cure is a group of magical girls that save the world from trouble. She is excited to see some action go on in her town, First Harmony. She then talks to others about Pretty Cure before class begins.

Haretsu is then shown walking home until she spots something in the bushes. She goes and looks at what it is, and calls it a "cute stuffed toy". It then talks, and Haretsu is surprised. It says its name is Chyra, a female mascot that will aid Haretsu in being Pretty Cure. She then wonders why, and Chyra explains Haretsu is a former Mirage Cure, but has no idea about what that is.

Meanwhile, Quicksand, a villain, appears and decides the park is a good place to summon a Saharan. She decides to turn the swings into a Saharan, which scares all the little kids. Haretsu appears, and Chyra explains how she can transform into a Pretty Cure. She gives Haretsu a Heartbeat Perfume and Haretsu transforms into Cure Blooming.

Now as Blooming, she attempts to take down the Saharan, but starts failing. She runs super fast much to her surprise, but begins to get used to it. Chyra says Blooming needs to perform Blooming Healer by using her Heartbeat Perfume and her hands, which she performs successfully, purifying the Saharan.

Haretsu then makes it home and explains to Iro about what she learned. Chyra narrates saying Haretsu will need to find the others to easily make it to the item for reviving the memories of the Mirage Cures.


Major Events

  • Mirage Pretty Cures are finally reborn with no memory.
    • Through narration, Chyra reveals Haretsu was the former Cure Blossom Mirage.
  • Haretsu meets Chyra.
  • Haretsu becomes Cure Blooming for the first time.
  • Quicksand is introduced.
  • The first Saharan is created.
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