Green Cures Show Their Strength! is a bonus short story to Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Ashita no Tomodachi.


Komachi and Nao are walking together one sunny day until havoc is caused in the town. The girls rush to see what is going on, and see an "Akanbe" attacking. They transform into Cure Mint and Cure March to attack the monster.

After helping the citizens rush to a safe spot, they attack. After performing a new attack, Green Dual Burst, they see they haven't really purified the Akanbe, as it was really Cure Marine Mirage, who says "I got you good!" Mint and March tell the citizens it was a false alarm, and the three Cures then laugh together.


  • Akimoto Komachi/Cure Mint
  • Midorikawa Nao/Cure March
  • Cure Marine Mirage


  • Although this short is focused on the green Cures, a blue Cure, Cure Marine Mirage, makes an appearance as well.

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