The Great Galactic War (大銀河大戦 Dai Ginga Taisen?) is a yearly war that happens on space in Super Hero Action Stars: The Heroes of The Future. All members of Action Stars must join to fight for freedom.


Past Years

Kokoro explains Mana and her 2 friends about the Great Galactic War. The Great Galactic War is a big event that happens every year in Epicity. Kokoro also told Mana, Haruto, and Daigo that they also joined the war years before she was born. Luckily, they won but unfortunately, they had retired. Every year, there is always a war between Epicity VS Shadow Revolution. And most of the times, the Epicity Team won. But sometimes they had lost some of the greatest heroes of the city because the team sometimes loses.

War of The Stars

War of The Stars (星の戦争 Hoshi no Senso?) is the title of The Great Galactic War that Cure Heart, Kamen Rider Wizard, Kyoryu Red, and other fellow heroes (Some were not members of Super Hero All Stars) went to. The war took 3 years, unfortunately some of them did not survive. The Heroes uses Super Star Shot to attack most of the enemies. Heart was 17, Wizard was 26, and Kyoryu Red was 23.

War of Galactica Star Ultimatum

War of Galactica Star Ultimatum (ギャラクティカスターアルテイメタムの戦争 Gyarakuti Sutā Arutimetamu no Senso?) is the title of Epicity's current war. Kokoro, along with her brother and fellow heroes are part of it.

Prepare for Departure

On one day, Epicity was fine. But suddenly, a loud alarm beeped through the entire city, so that means that a war will begin, in space. All the Super Heroes gathered in the alarm and they knew that a war will start. Everyone transformed, which gave a huge shock to Mana, Haruto, and Daigo. Mana proclaimed that she and her friends wants to transform too, but Cure Trump stopped them immediately. The rule is that past members are not allowed to join again. Mana says goodbye to Trump and Abra, and all the heroes flew up to space using The Elevator of Space, an elevator that can reach up to space.

War of Galactica Star Ultimatum, Day 1

Coming Soon

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