GoTHiC Pretty Cure!
Goshikku Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Lucky
Original RunJune 11, 2015
Opening SongSparkling Daydream
Ending SongDate A Live (episodes 1-19) Resuscitated Hope (episodes 20-46)
Series Info
PredecessorUnite! Pretty Cure!
SuccessorFull Punishment Pretty Cure!
GoTHiC Pretty Cure! (ゴシックプリキュア! Goshikku Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime and the ninth Pretty Cure fan series created by Cure Lucky. This season will begin airing on June 11, 2015 replacing Unite! Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. Its theme is Misteries.


The 10 year old Princess of Le Mystère de la Pleine Lune named Antoinette, though having a strange personality, was a perfect lady who is talented in various things. But one day she was lost in an enchanted forest, where no one could find her and she was found only a couple of days later after the event. The healer couldn’t awaken her discovering the fact that she was already dead, so Antoinette was sent by the Queen to the Earth to be reborn.

After 14 years passed Philibert the Princess’s future groom goes to Earth to achieve his two goals: find the Princess and save the Earth from the Bloody Maidens with a help of hers. But instead of being reborn as a one person, she is reborn as 12 different girls each of whom dresses as a gothic lolita and has a piece of Princess Antoinette’s personality. Those 12 must transform into GoTHiC Pretty Cure and fight evil together, but only one of them will become the new princess of Le Mystère de la Pleine Lune and deserve Philibert’s heart.


Pretty Cure

Kuroyukihime Remi (黒雪姫 レミ Kuroyukihime Remi?)/ Cure Shadow (キュアシャドウ Kyua Shadou?)
Remi is a mysterious, rude and quiet girl and the first Cure found by Fillibert. But unlike other Cures, she was cold and distant to him at first, and however, warmed up through the series progress. She is often seen eating apples, her favorite food and after lessons at school she usually plays her electric guitar at Moonlit Dark Tower. As Cure Shadow her theme colors are black and magenta.

Masami Himeka (雅味 姫花 Masami Himeka?)/ Cure Royal (キュアロイヤル Kyua Roiyaru?)
Himeka is an elegant, spoiled and rude, but very intelligent girl, who likes solving mysteries and hates when someone doesn't do her orders. She also likes reading detectives and does it a lot. As Cure Royal her theme colors are black and gold.

Ryuketsu Tsubasa (流血 つばさ Ryūketsu Tsubasa?)/ Cure Bat (キュアバット Kyua Batto?)
Tsubasa is a girl, who behaves like a vampire and has a mysterious personality. When Tsubasa is walking outdoors she always holds an umbrella to "save" herself from the sunlight. As Cure Bat her theme colors are black and crimson.

Kanjo Yumemi (環状 ゆめみ Kanjo Yumemi?)/ Cure Sense (キュアセンス Kyua Sensu?)
Yumemi is a dreamy, gentle and emotional bookworm, who loves reading, more than doing anything else. She is also good at acting and a part of the school's Drama Club and is called as the Drama Queen by other Cures. Yumemi is known for being sometimes too much excited or hysterical and raises hysterics out of nothing. As Cure Sense her theme colors are black and navy blue.

Shiyami Kurai (死闇 クライ Shiyami Kurai?)/ Cure Death (キュアデス Kyua Desu?)
Kurai is a hyper girl, who is always wary and behaves very strange. When she is mad, she can hit someone, but is still clumsy and not frightening to others. She ends up her sentences with "~desu", which sounds similar to "death". As Cure Death her theme colors are black and dark purple.

Ningyo Hina (人形 ひな Ningyō Hina?)/ Cure Marionette
Hina is a very sweet and kind girl. She is always polite to others and especially respectful to Himeka being her servant. However, when Hina finds out she is one of Princess Antoinette's reincornations she becomes more independent on Himeka day by day. As Cure Marionette her theme colors are black and dark yellow.

Akabara Misaki (赤薔薇 美咲 Akabara Misaki?)/ Cure Rosa (キュアローザ Kyua Rōza?)
Misaki is an elegant and calm girl who calls herself "The Most Beautiful Rose" because of her maturity and a lady-like nature, making her quite popular in school. She loves flowers and has a large garden with them. As Cure Rosa her theme colors are black and red.

Kuroi Hoshi (黒い 星 Kuroi Hoshi?)/ Cure Black Star (キュアブラックスター Kyua Burakku Sutā?)
Hoshi is a real self-confident, energetic and loud girl who is good at fencing and sometimes can be very immature and impatient. She has a bold personality and always boasts, but, however, pretends to have an image of a mysterious knight "Dark Blade". As Cure Black Star her theme colors are black and teal.

Tsukiyomi Mika (月読 みか Tsukiyomi Mika?)/ Cure Crescent (キュアクレセント Kyua Kuresento?)
Mika is a cheerful and lively girl who draws very beautifully. Though she can get angry very easily, Mika is a selfless girl who is always ready to help. As Cure Crescent her theme colors are black and pink.

Gekkou Kaori (月光 かおり Gekkou Kaori?)/ Cure Moonshine (キュアムーンシャイン Kyua Mūnshain?)
Kaori is a polite and gentle girl who is very graceful and a great balet dancer. She acts bubbly, but sometimes says or does strange things that can be scary to others. As Cure Moonshine her theme colors are black and lilac.

Yorujaken Yume (夜 夢 Yorujaken Yume?)/ Cure Nightmare (キュアナイトメア Kyua Naitomea?)
Yume is a violent and dark girl who is very rebellious and can make anyone scared of her. As Cure Nightmare her theme colors are black and dark green.

Himitsu Miyoru (秘密 みよる Himitsu Miyoru?)/ Cure Midnight (キュアミッドナイト Kyua Middonaito?)
Miyoru is a quite quiet and mysterious girl with a shy nature. She has a charming voice and can sing quite well. As Cure Midnight her theme colors are black and silver.


Philiebert (フィリベール Firibēru?)
Philiebert is a 15 year old boy who was supposed to become Princess Antoinette's groom and was sent to Earth to find all of the Princess's 12 reincornations and marry the one who will collect 83 Terror Balls first. He is friendly and polite, but often critisizes himself for being too light-hearted and hated by Remi as he thinks. Throughout the series he starts remembering Princess Antoinette by finding something in common with her in each Cure.

Princess Antoinette (プリンセスアントワネット Purinsesu Antowanetto?)
Princess Antoinette is the princess of Le Mystère de la Pleine Lune who died in forest when she was at the age of 10. She was considered as a perfect girl, because of her talents and interesting personality. Year ago her parents invited some boys one of whom she was supposed to choose as her future groom, but she had already fallen in love with her little friend Philiebert who was only 1 year old at that time. Now, she appears as a ghost to say some wise things, advices or sometimes just to talk with Philiebert.


Bloody Maidens (ブラッディメイド Buraddi Meido?)
Bloody Maidens are the mysterious mosters of the series whom the Cures must fight to win.


Joker Clock (ジョーカークロック Jōkā Kurokku?) is the Pretty Cures' transformation device.

Terror Balls (テロボールズ Tero Bōruzu?) are the spheres which consist of each defeated Bloody Maiden's soul. The first Cure that collected 83 Terror Balls gets the right to be a princess.

Mystic Blackets (ミスティックブラケット Misutikku Buraketto?) are the bracelets used to hold Terror Balls.

Shadow Guitar (シャドウギター Shadou Gitā?) is Cure Shadow's fighting weapon.

Royal Staff (ロイヤルスタッフ Roiyaru Sutaffu?) is Cure Royal's fighting weapon.

Bat Cross (バットクロス Batto Kurosu?) is Cure Bat's fighting weapon.

Sense Dagger (センスダガー Sensu Dagā?) is Cure Sense's fighting weapon.

Death Scythe (デスサイズ Desu Saizu?) is Cure Death's fighting weapon.

Rosa Arrow (ローザアロー Rōza Arō?) is Cure Rosa's fighting weapon.

Black Star Rapier (ブラックスターレイピア Burakku Sutā Reipia?) is Cure Black Star's fighting weapon.

Crescent Pistols (クレセントピストルズ Kuresento Pisutoruzu?) is Cure Crescent's fighting weapon.

Moonshine Gun (ムーンシャインガン Mūnshain Gan?) is Cure Moonshine's fighting weapon.

Nightmare Halberd (ナイトメアハルバード Naitomea Harubādo?) is Cure Nightmare's fighting weapon.

Midnight Sword (ミッドナイトソード Middonaito Sōdo?) is Cure Midnight's fighting weapon.



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