Gem is one of the main mascots in Jewel Precure!. She was sent down to earth to stop Steen from turning Earth into a dark planet.


Gem has blue and white coloured fur with two cat ears. Her eyes are dark blue with eyelash-liked marking and her tail is like Hummy's. Her color is light blue with a gold diamond shaped medallion.


Gem's powers is based of her name. She controls the power of every single jewel in the world and the villains don't realease till in between Episode 30-40.  

She and Sparkle make the power up group attack in Episode 25.


She is a responsible cat sometimes but when she hangs around Emily and Amy she becomes so unreliable that you can't ask her anything. She is also an airhead sometimes and asks silly questions and can act stupid.


Coming down to Earth

Meeting Scarlett

Being Catnapped


Safira Connors-

Scarlett Sweetheart-


Gem- I chose Gem as her name because it suits the theme of the fan series and she it is also her power.


  • She looks a bit like Hummy from Suite Pretty Cure but has a gem on her color. They are both cats who are airheads.