Game Time Pretty Cure! Is starmix03's series. The motif is about games, any kind of games.


Yume Jojishi is a game lover; a lover of all games she play. From board games to video games, she loves them all. One day, an animal-like creature is found in Yume's garden. The creature turned out to be a fairy from Game Sekai. But then a villain showed up, and Yume became a Pretty Cure.


Jojishi Yume/Cure Gamer
Yume loves any kind of games, from card games to pinball. She is best friends with Hoshi, they hang out everyday. Her alter ego is Cure Gamer, and she holds the power of any game she wishes to grant.
Kudou Hoshi/Cure Pinball
Hoshi is the smartest student in Yume's class. She loves to read and write stories. Her alter ego is Cure Pinball, and she holds the power of The Pinball Game.
Ikeda Maya/Cure Retro
Maya loves video games, and she plays them everyday with her family. She may be a klutz at some times. And she loves to eat. Her alter ego is Cure Retro, and she holds the power of video games.
Kirifuda Aiko/Cure Card Aiko is a master on playing Solitaire and other games with playing cards. Her alter ego is Cure card, and she holds the power of Trump Cards
Minamoto Subete/Cure Dice 
Subete is an expert in board games. Her alter ego is Cure Dice, and she holds the power of board games.

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