Galaxy Precure! (銀河プリキュア! Ginga Purikyua) is a japanese magical girl anime, one of fan series created by [1] The theme is planets and Galaxy.

Galaxy Precure
Ginga Purikyua!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV 00
Original Runjune 20, 2013 - May 1 , 2014
Opening SongStar Shine Precure!
Ending SongHappy Galaxy Precure!
Series Info
SuccessorHaiyore! precure!


The story begin, when a Alien world want to destory the earth , galaxy, and all planet. yamikaze a princess of galaxy world, can't make it happend she sent Pluto to search 4 pretty cure for save earth and world. In the next day, Pluto arrive in earth. As her mission she search that 4 precure, at a new year festival Pluto meet a younger named Alice Jounouchi and she give power Alice to transfrom as cure Milky Way. joined cure supernova, sun, and Mars. they save earth from Aliens.


Pretty Cure

Jounouchi Alice
alice is 14 years old girl, she is a half American and Japanese. in japanese she have a bestfriend at her school named Takamine Mirai. She become Cure Milky Way in episode 1 when she in New year festival.

Takamine Mirai
She is Alice bestfriend, she is a sporty girl. She life with her grandmother when her parents go to work. mirai have a little sister named Takamine Usagi. She become cure supernova in episode 2.

Kurumi Teto
teto is 13 years od girl, but she look 17 years old girl. She is a famous model, she become cure sun in episode 3. teto have a bestfriend named Fransisco Hibiki.

Fransisco Hibiki
Hibiki is Teto bestfriend, she is 14 years old girl. She become cure Mars in episode 4.

Galaxy World

Pluto- she is a main mascot in this fan series, she very care about pretty cure and Yamikaze.

Yamikaze- she is the princess of galaxy world.

Alien World

Cthugha- he is the first alien appear and attacked the cures, he appear only at episode 1-10 later at episode 10 he die with cure Milky way attack.

Lloigor- he is the second alien appear and attacked cure after Cthugha die, he only appear at episode 11-18 later he die with cure supernova attack.

Hastur- he is the third allien appear and attacked cure after Lloigor die, he only appear at episode 19-33

Atko- he is the last allien appear and attacked cure after Hastur die, he only appear at episode 34-45

shantak- a monster from alien world

Nodens- he is the leader of Alien world, he very powerful.


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