Futari wa Pretty Cure Stream Star! (ふたりはプリキュア Stream Star! Futari wa Purikyua Stream Star!) Is the 2nd Generation Series of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star created by starmix03. The motif of this show is Stars, Nature, and Friendship.


After years when Akudaikan was defeated, he is replaced by his only son, Akadeikan. And Flappy, Choppy, Moop, and Foop has been too old, and they got replaced by their children. It's up to them if they want the Pretty Cures to be revived or not...


Pretty Cures

Hyuuga Hanabi/Cure Flora/Cure Sunset  (日向 花火/キュアフローラ/キュアサンセット Hyuuga Hanabi/Kyua Furora/Kyua Sansetto)

Hanabi is the 1st daughter of Saki and Kazuya. Like her mother in the past, she also plays softball and she loves to eat and cook. She is not really good at her studies. Her alter ego is Cure Flora and Cure Sunset. And she holds the power of Flowers and The Sun. Her theme color is Gold and Pink

Mishou Yuka/Cure Feather/Cure Hurricane (美翔 由香/キュアフェザー/キュアハリケーン Mishou Yuka/Kyua Feza/Kyua Hariken)

Yuka is artistic like her mother, Mishou Mai. She wants to be an artist when she grows up. Yuka is good at her studies. Her alter egos are Cure Feather and Cure Hurricane. And holds the power of Birds and Wind. Her theme color is Silver and Blue.


Coming Soon...

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