Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou Mirage
Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou Mirage
Futari wa Purikyua Mahō Mirāju
General Information
Original RunFebruary 1, 2015 - ongoing
Opening SongMakenai! Mahou Mirage!
Ending SongUntold Story of Happiness
Series Info
PredecessorHappinessCharge Pretty Cure!

Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou Mirage is a duo series created by Cure Believe.


Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou Mirage Episodes
Akagi Madoka is a quiet, laid back junior high student who soon finds out about transfer student Hirose Ryoko, a much more cheerful girl. The only problem? They are not in the same grade level or classes! Madoka wishes to make a new friend in hopes it is Ryoko. All of a sudden, a cute mascot falls from the sky! As if by fate, it happens right in front of Madoka and Ryoko! The mascot introduces herself as Reflect and states the girls are just right for the role of Pretty Cure! Soon enough, a monster is loose in town and the girls transform right before their eyes! Madoka and Ryoko will team up together to stop Dark Onward from taking over Earth!


Pretty Cure

Akagi Madoka (赤城まどか Akagi Madoka)
Despite being the leader, Madoka is a quiet, intelligent student. She feels lonely and hopes her wish of finding a friend will come true one day. Unlike Ryoko, on the other hand, she is very bad at sports and would rather study or read. Her alter ego is Cure Blossom Mirage (キュアブロッサムミラージュ Kyua Burossamu Mirāju) and her theme color is magenta.

Hirose Ryoko (広瀬りょこ Hirose Ryoko)
Ryoko is a sporty, immature student and Madoka's Pretty Cure partner. She is a transfer student one grade lower than her partner Madoka. She becomes popular rather quickly since she is the only girl on the school's basketball team. Her alter ego is Cure Marine Mirage (キュアマリンミラージュ Kyua Marin Mirāju) and her theme color is blue.


Dark Onward

Other Characters

Anzai Izanami (安西イザナミ Anzai Izanami)
The second person that becomes Madoka's friend. Izanami is an emotion-filled student with many friends and understands Madoka's situation. She later is the only one besides Ryoko that knows Madoka is a Pretty Cure.

Kawahara Ren (川原れん Kawahara Ren)
Madoka's trustworthy but sensitive teacher known as Kawahara-sensei by her class. She always reports to the class when the Pretty Cure protect the town.


Mirror Commune (ミラーコミューン Mirākomyūn) - With the phrase Dual Reflected Blessing!, this allows the girls to transform into their Pretty Cure form.


  • The duo's alter egos are the same as Cherry and Daisy's from Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure.
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou Mirage is the third installment of the Futari wa Pretty Cure series and the twelfth overall.