Futari wa Pretty Cure Light of Hope is one of MoonlightTruth's fanmade series and first new genaration series.


Some years after Cure Black and Cure White defeated Dark Zone, the Garden of Light is in trouble again. Nagisa and Honoka can't transform anymore and Mepple's and Mipple's daughter Pira and her friend Kira went to Garden of Rainbows to find new Pretty Cure.

In the Garden of Rainbow's Nagisa's and Shougo's daughter Fujimura Mikoto was eating Akane's takoyaki and was talking with Hikari when she saw a strange light in forest. She went to forest and found some strange cards. She put them in her bag and ran home because she was late. Later Kira suddenly appear in her room and jump in her head. Latter she met mysterious girl Irisawa Aria and Pira. They transform in Pretty Cure together and now they have to protect the world.


Pretty Cure

Fujimura Mikoto - Mikoto is a lot like her mother Nagisa. She loves sweets and is great at lacrosse and other sports and usually bad at studying. Just like her mother she is always saying: "Arienai!" Her cure form is Cure Night

Irisawa Aria - Aria is Honoka's and Kiriya's daughter. She just transfer in Mikoto's town in first episode. She is great at studying and not very good at sports. Her cure form is Cure Day.

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