Futari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro
Futari wa Pretty Cure Kiarosukūro
General Information
Original Run???
Opening SongShine, Shade, Contrast! Chiaroscuro!
Ending SongLet's! Make Tomorrow Miracles!
Series Info
SuccessorFutari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro Deluxe

Futari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro (ふたりはプリキュアキアロスクーロ Futari wa Pretty Cure Kiarosukūro?) is a joint series by FairySina and Cure Believe based on their favorite Pretty Cures. The theme is light and darkness.


Mikami Tsukiko lives in a weak part of Japan where her parents have bad jobs. Due to this environment, the family moves to a stronger place in Japan. The family moves next door to Seisuki Yua, a cheerful but easily hurt student. She decides to meet Tsukiko before two mascots, Hikari and Kuro, suddenly come in! They tell about the villains that are trying to suck the light out of the world, so they give the girls the power to become Pretty Cure! Join Cure Sweetheart and Cure Moonbeam on their adventure as Futari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro!



Seisuki Yua (正好きゆあ Seisuki Yua?)
(Based on Cure Peach)
Yua is a very energetic girl but also a bit clumsy. She is a cheerful girl and is also very helpful. Yua dislikes studying and sports. Despite her bright personality, Yua has a very short temper and is easily hurt and angered. Her alter ego is Cure Sweetheart (キュアスイートハート Kyua Suītohāto?) and her theme color is pink.

Mikami Tsukiko (三上つきこ Mikami Tsukiko?)
(Based on Cure Moonlight Mirage)
A serious but intelligent 14 year old, Tsukiko has suffered many things in her life, including family deaths, bad luck, and sickness. She rarely is able to come to school, thus she is taught through the computer. She likes to compete in school competitions, especially in the math division. Her alter ego is Cure Moonbeam (キュアムーンビーム Kyua Mūnbīmu?) and her theme color is purple.





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