Futari wa Kamen Rider W!
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Futari wa Kamen Raida Daburu!
General Information
Original RunOctober 2013-Ongoing
Opening SongDANZEN! Futari wa Kamen Rider W!

W-B-X ~Double Boiled Extreme~ (Kamen Cure Version)

Ending SongMaximum Storm (Eps 1-24)

~Flash~ (Eps 25-48)

Series Info
PredecessorSentai Pretty Cure!
Futari wa Kamen Rider W! (ふたりは仮面ライダーW! Futari wa Kamen Raida Daburu!?) is a crossover series featuring the Futari wa Pretty Cure (Max Heart) Cures and the Kamen Rider W team. It is made by Starmix03.


2 different worlds, The Garden of Rainbows and Fuuto, are completely different. Until Nagisa, Honoka, and Hikari met Shotaro, Philip, and Ryu. Unexpectedly, Dopants and Zakkenas teamed up! The 2 teams transform and save the world!


Pretty Cures

  • Misumi Nagisa/Cure Black (美墨なぎさ/キュアブラック Misumi Nagisa/Kyua Burakku?)
    • Voiced By: Youko Honna

Nagisa is a good lacrosse player, but she sucks at studying. She is good friends with Shotaro but somehow she is rivals with Ryu. Her alter ego is Cure Black.

  • Yukishiro Honoka/Cure White (雪城 ほのか/キュアホワイト Yukishiro Honoka/Kyua Howaito?)

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