Furukawa Private Academy (古川 プライベート アカデミー Furukawa Puraibēto Akademī) is the school that Fukuhara Haruka goes to in Jewel Star Pretty Cure.


Like Takayama Public Middle School, it has classrooms for learning and a library. It has an indoor ice-skating rink at the back of the school with a garden as few kilometres away.


Winter Uniform

The uniform is made of a blazer, white dress shirt and a skirt. The main theme colour is orange. The blazer is dark orange with a yellow heart symbol for the school logo on her blazer pocket with is on the bottom right side of the blazer, a white dress shirt underneath with a orange ribbon underneath the collar, and a dark orange skirt. The students are allowed to wear any type of socks as long as it is black and their shoes must be brown mary janes.

Summer Uniform

The uniform is the same but without the blazer. The girls must wear white socks when it is summer.


  • Haruka is the only member of the Jewel Star Pretty Cure team who goes to this school.
  • This school is an all girls school.

Notable Students

Notable Staff

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