Fukuhara Haruka
福原 はるか
Fukuhara Haruka
Personal Information
Birthday DateMay 20
Hair ColorOrange (Haruka)

Green (Jade)

Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceTakayama Town
RelativesFukuhara Koemi (mother)

Fukuhara Ryo (father)

Alter EgoCure Jade
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonJewel Star Pretty Cure
First AppearanceJSPC04
Fukuhara Haruka (福原 はるか Fukuhara Haruka) is one of the main characters in Jewel Star Pretty Cure. She is very popular and spoiled and goes to Furukawa Private Academy. Her alter ego is Cure Jade (キュア ジェイド Kyua Jeido).


Haruka has orange coloured hair that she keeps down. She has a green heart-shaped clip keeping some hair back. She has green eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a green long sleeved shirt with a white singlet over the top, light blue jean shorts, white knee length socks and green and white sneakers.

As Cure Jade, her hair goes green and grows to her waist and goes into two low ponytails which are held by green bands with gold jewels on top. Her dress consists of a...