Fukuhara Ann
Fukuhara Ann
Personal Information
Hair ColorOrange( Ann )

Light Blue (Cure Pop)

Eye ColorBlue(Naru)

Light Blue(Cure Pop)

Theme ColorBlue (main)


Anime Information
SeasonRainbow Live Precure!
First AppearanceRLPC01

Fukuhara Ann (Fukuhara Ann?)is the main character of Rainbow Live Precure!. Her alter ego is Cure Pop ({{{2}}}?).


Ann have a long orange hair and blue eyes.


She have a seriously and don't give up personality. She is also a prism star from prism stone. She is Ayase Naru bestfriend.


Past Life

A pop-style 14-year old girl in 8th grade. A ball of passion with a bright and positive personality. Always passionate about everything for example, she takes her Prism Dance lessons way too seriously and harder than anyone. She is the captain of her school's Prism Dance club, and is the eldest daughter of a senbei shop. She can taste the "flavor" of music.

Becoming Cure Pop

At episode 2 , she become cure pop when her cake is broken by Yami , she was very angry. yami attacked her but cure lovely saved her, cure lovely very weak with this Yami, then sharu give Ann a power to transfrom as Cure pop , with her first attack that is Pop Arrow.

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