Fruity PreCure episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 FPC01
Ichigo walking to school and her introducing her in the background. We see her attending classes, her tending the school farm gardens and her being the gardening club. We see her at lunch eat sweet food But little as she dislikes them but we see her enjoying eating strawberries. On her way home she met a creature who fallen out of the sky that is being pursued, the two become friends but are discovered by the evil organization that invokes a monster. While trying to protect Juice and considers her a friend, she reacts to Fruity Broach and becomes Cure Strawberry and defeat the monster.
02 FPC02
03 FPC03
04 FPC04
05 FPC05
06 FPC06
07 FPC07
08 FPC08
09 FPC09
10 FPC10
11 FPC11
12 FPC12
13 FPC13
14 FPC14
15 FPC15
16 FPC16
17 FPC17
18 FPC18
19 FPC19
20 FPC20
21 FPC21
22 FPC22
23 FPC23
24 FPC24
25 FPC25
26 FPC26
27 FPC27
28 FPC28
29 FPC29
30 FPC30
31 FPC31
32 FPC32
33 FPC33
34 FPC34
35 FPC35
36 FPC36
37 FPC37
38 FPC38
39 FPC39
40 FPC40
41 FPC41
42 FPC42
43 FPC43
44 FPC44
45 FPC45
46 FPC46
47 FPC47
48 FPC48
49 FPC49

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