Fruit Precure!(フルーツプリキュア!Furūtsupurikyua!)>/span> User: Cure48's 5th fan series. The theme is fruit


The story begin when fruit garden in danger, all plant is withered and the princess of fruit garden named shania disappear. And a mascot named friti, search 2 precure to help and save fruit garden from dark light.


Pretty Cure

Watanabe Ichigo / Cure strawberry She is one of main character in this fan series, ichigo is cheer full and friendly girl. She very like eat strawberry and her ego is cure strawberry , as cure strawberry her main color is pink. And her speech as cure strawberry is " the sweet berry of love, cure strawberry! ".

Suzuno Reika / Cure Grape She is the last main character of this fan series, reika is shy and panic girl. She also nerd gril but she was very smart. Reika become cure grape in episode 2 , her mother open suzuno inn. And her main color as cure grape is purple and her speech is " the fruit of health, cure grape! ".

Left reika, right ichigo before transfrom to cure

Left reika, right ichigo before transfrom to cure

Fruit garden

Princess shania The princess of fruit garden

Friti A mascot cure strawberry and cure grape.

Dark Light

Black- the first dark light

White- second dark light

Yellow- third dark light

Orange- four dark light

Red- five dark light

Dark- the leader of dark light

Date- a monster from dark light


Fruit phone touch- The girls transformation device and they shout out Precure, fresh fruit!

Diamond- a stone that cure get after defeat date

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