Frozen Pretty Cure
Furōzen Purikyua
General Information
Original RunFebruary 2018
Opening SongIsolate, Frozen Pretty Cure
Ending SongLet go (Episode 1 - 25)
Frozen (Episode 26 - 49)
Series Info
PredecessorMelodia Pretty Cure♪
Successor5 Heart Pretty Cure

Frozen Pretty Cure (フローゼンプリキュア Furōzen Purikyua?) is CureCookie's fourth fan series. The series' motif is ice.


Frozen Kingdom was forced to isolate from other kingdoms, since the Heat Kingdom attempted to melt it. Queen Frozen froze the whole kingdom in a extra heat resistant icicle, to protect the kingdom from King Heat, the evil ruler of Heat Kingdom who plans to melt all ice in the world and rule with heat. The Queen is still paranoid about this, and decided to become a legendary warrior, just to prevent King Heat from ruling the world. She sets out on a journey to the human world to find the other legendary warriors to assist her. She entered a school, by the name of Toketsu Kori to make it easier for her to search. She quickly befriended a girl named Reisui Mizu. Kori, the Queen became Cure Frozen and Mizu became Cure Ice.



Reisui Mizu (冷水 ミズ Reisui Mizu?) / Cure Ice (キュアアイス Kyua Aisu?)

  • The protagonist, and the "leader". She is shown to be terrible at introducing herself, when to Kori, she said her name was Mizu Reisui, causing Kori to think that Reisui is Mizu's first name. She was the first to become a Cure, despite Kori already wanted to become a Cure. She is unaware that Kori is a queen, until Episode 3.

Toketsu Kori (凍結 氷 Tōketsu Kōri?) / Cure Frozen (キュアフローゼン Kyua Furōzen?) / Queen Frozen (クインフローゼン Kuin Furōzen?)

  • The second Cure of the group, the queen of Frozen Kingdom. Kori is serious mostly, and is less seen laughing or playing around. She only told Mizu that she is a queen at Episode 3. Despite being the first to want to become a Cure, she is the second.


King Heat (キング熱 Kingu Netsu?)

  • The ruler of Heat Kingdom, who wants to melt all ice on the world. He attempted to melt Frozen Kingdom and the queen, but failed.

Kasai (火災 Kasai?)

  • A young boy who loves heat, and freezes quickly in cold places. He bad mouthes King Heat without him knowing, saying he can only melt ice with his powers, not body. Kasai cannot go near Kori, since Kori can freeze him easily. He has shown a obsessive love for hot and sour soup.

Attakai (暖かい Attakai?)

  • Another villain, "nicer" than Kasai. He is sarcastic, and pretends to be nice. His name means "warm", it's purpose is to trick enemies to saying he is nicer.

Netsu ( Netsu?)

  • The monster of the series.


  • Like Into the Future! Pretty Cure, Frozen Pretty Cure does not have mascots.
  • Queen Frozen's original name is Toketsu Hyo, now changed to Toketsu Kori. (The name may change in future, depending)


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