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Friendship Precure! (友情プリキュア!Yujo Purikyua!) is the second fan series of second generation created by User:BellRose~. The themes for the show are Flower and human emotion.


Todou Hime She is a messenger from Hanasaki Kingdom. She come to Clover Town to search precure to save her home town. She meet with Ayane Sakura save Hime from June, monster from Phantom Lord, Sakura then transform become Cure Sakura. Then joined Cure Iris, Cure Cosmos, and Cure Rose.

Pretty Cure

Ayane Sakura - she is a new main character of this fan series. Sakura is a feminine girl and good at fashion and studies. Sakura join a Gardening Club, together with her bestfriend Haruka Kasumi. She fall in love with her senior that is Jun Kasumi, Haruka's older brother. her alter ego is Cure Sakura, the Cure of Intelligence and she has powers related to telekinesis.

Haruka Kasumi - she is Sakura's bestfriend. Haruka is a tomboy girl and good at sport but not when studies. She have a older brother named Jun Kasumi. She is the captain of basketball club and Her alter ego is Cure Iris and she has powers related to water.

Eri Hanako - she is a student council president at Hua Xue Yuan (Flower Gakuen). Despite her popularity and strong outward personality, Karen is lonely at home, and because of her awkward relationship with her parents, she has problems properly showing her real feelings. Her bestfriend is Kana Asuka. Her Alter ego is Cure Cosmos and she has power of Light.

Kana Asuka - she is a vice student council president at Hua Xue Yuan, She seems along with Eri. Before becoming Pretty Cure, she did not have any friends and could not be herself in front of others except Eri. Her Alter ego is Cure Rose and she has a power of wind.

Hanasaki Kingdom

Todou Hime - She is a messenger from Hanasaki Kingdom. She come to Clover Town to search precure to save her home town. Her personality is Silent, but when she does speak, it's only a word or two. She's usually unemotional. Hime is the only person who realizes Sakura love Jun. At Episode 02 , she transfer to Sakura's school and after that they become bestfriend.

Star - She is a precure partner, she look like a white penguin. Star can speak huma language.

Rhythm - She is the queen of Hanasaki Kingdom. She disappear since Phantom Lord attacked Hanasaki Kingdom.

Phantom Lord

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