Four Horsemen! Pretty Cure
Yonkishi! Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Kanade
Original Run---
Episodes49 episodes
Opening SongThe Four Horsemen
Ending SongNow You See Me
Series Info
SuccessorShadow Hunter Pretty Cure
Four Horsemen! Pretty Cure is a series made by CureKanade. This series is based of the movie called Now You See Me. The theme is magicians and magic.


Four Horsemen! Pretty Cure Episodes


Pretty Cure/Mgaicians

Hokumen Itsuki (北面 五木 Hokumen Itsuki) is one of the main characters and the leader for the group. He is the illusionist of the group and holds The Lovers card. His alter ego is Cure Phantom.

Kodou Minami (鼓動 南 Kodou Minami) is one of the main characters and the step in leader of the group. She is the escapist of the group and holds the High Priestess card. Her alter ego is Cure Magic.

Nishibi Hiroki (西日 弘樹 Nishibi Hiroki) is one of the main characters and mentalist of the group. He holds The Hermit card and his alter ego is Cure Mind.

Azuma Seira (東 セイラ Azuma Seira) is one of the main characters and a sleight of hand illusionist of the group. He holds the Death card and his alter ego is Cure Trick.


Mysterious Man is a man who helps the magicians from time to time and gives them some advice.


Misaki (美咲 Misaki) is an FBI agent who sent to arrest the magicians. He can be a bit stupid and always falls for the magicians tricks.

Elma (エルマ Eruma) is an Interpol agent who is partnered up with Misaki to arrest the magicians. She is very smart and does a lot of research on the magicians.

Agent Takao (エージェント 高尾 Ējento Takao) is Misaki's boss.


Shirabe Yū(調べ ゆう Shirabe Yū) is a ex-magician who makes lots of money by selling DvD's on the Magician's tricks.

Yozora Yuki (夜空 雪 Yozora Yuki) is the mayor of Narihibiku and is a sponser of Pretty Cure/Magicians.

Miyamoto Usami (宮本 宇佐美 Miyamoto Usami) is a magician who died of drowning while doing a trick.


Narihibiku (鳴り響く Narihibiku) is the town that the story is set in.


Crescent Ring (クレセント リング Kuresento Ringu) is the transformation device. It is put on the right hand, middle finger of the Pretty Cure magicians.

Magic Case (マジック ケース Majikku Kēsu) is the item used for the Pretty Cure magicians upgrade group attack.


  • This is based of the movie Now You See Me.
  • This is the first time having two males as Pretty Cure.
    • First having two leaders, Itsuki and Minami.
  • This is the first time having no monsters.


To be added

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