Flyaway PreCure
フライアウェイ プリキュア
Furaiau~ei Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebuary 4 2023
Opening SongFlyaway! PreCure
Ending SongEnchanted Butterfly(Ep 1-29)

Flyaway! (Ep 30-48)

Series Info
PredecessorSpray PreCure
SuccessorStardust PreCure

Flyaway PreCure (フライアウェイ プリキュア Furaiau~ei Purikyua) is the twelfth series of CureJade2910's PreCure.


Flyaway PreCure Episodes

The Butterfly Empire is where every butterfly is known. The Jewelled Butterfly is kept within the twelve guardians. Kisumu soon comes and destroys all twelve guardians. Queen Hane sends each three Jewelled Butterfly Guardians into four ordinary girls with Cho and Tsubasa.



Kamino "Toki" Tokimeku/Cure Hairstreak

Toki is the leader of the team. She is the first one to found with three of the guardians. She is very frail and can't stand loud noises. She likes listening to classical music and going to festivals.Her ego is Cure Hairstreak.

Agehachō Hansha/Cure Swallowtail

Hansha is the second member of the team and the sporty one. She is slightly mean at first but is just lonely and teased by boys for playing sports. She becomes slightly fond of Toki and becomes friends. Her Cure ego is Cure Swallowtail.

Kūsō Kujaku/Cure Peacock

Kujaku is the third member of the team and the spoilt one. She is the rich but attends the same school as the others. Although she is rich she often wishes she is normal. Her ego is Cure Peacock.

Nagare Awai/Cure Holly

Awai is the final member of the team and the girly one. She is friends with Kujaku and isn't really fond of Hansha. She later finds out that she needs to learn to know each other and grows fond of her within the series. Her Cure ego is Cure Holly.



The first mascot of the team. She is the cheerful one and lives with Toki.


The second mascot of the team. She appears the same time as Cho but doesn't appear much.



The main villain of the series


The first villain to appear. His powers are based on sharpness.


Second villain to appear. Her powers are based on glass.


The third member to arrive. Her powers are from noises.


Monsters of the series.


Butterfly Piece

A headband transformation device. To transform the Cures say "PreCure! Butterfly Star!"

Wing Castanets

Attack weapons of each Cure.