Flower Pretty Cure! ( 花はプリキュア! hana wa pretty cure! ) is 12th fan series created by Cure48. The theme is flowers.


Pretty Cure

Kyoko Sakura- she is the main character of this fan series, her mother open a flower shop. She have bestfriend Kitaoji Ran. Her ego is cure sakura.

Kitaoji Ran- she is Ran bestfriend, She is the leader of Go Green Club at Her school. She is a daughter of famous japanese traditional dance. Her ego is cure Rose.

Kinamoto Green- she is the vice council president at her school. She have a bestfriend named Kurumi Erina. Her ego is cure clover.

Kurumi Erina- she is the council president at her school,she is a cold girl but in the fact she is very friendly and care about her friends. her ego is cure jasmine.

Flower Town

Hanabi- she is the main mascot in this fan series and she is the cures mascot. She also can transfrom into human.

Flower Queen- she is the princess of Flower town, she lost when she want to go to human world, And nobody know where she is.

No Name

Hiiragi family :

Jun Hiiragi- he is the first enemy, he is a student of Nanami Academy.

Sonata Hiiragi- she is the older sister of Jun, she is the second enemy.

Amame Hiiragi- she is a mother of Jun and Sonata. She is the third enemy.

Mariko- she is the last enemy.

Bad- he is the leader of No Name, he very similiar with Dune from Heartcatch Precure.

Fuun- a monster from No Name.




  • the story is very similiar with heartcatch precure! And doki doki precure
  • kinamoto green attitude is similiar with Komachi Akimoto from Yes precure 5
  • Green and Erina friendship is similiar with Komachi and Karen from Yes! precure 5.

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