Floral PreCure
'フローラル プリキュア
Furōraru Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJune 4 2014
Opening SongLet's Bloom! Floral PreCure!
Ending SongPetal of Friendship (Ep 1-24)

Blooming Life(Ep 25-49

Series Info
PredecessorSparkle! Diamond PreCure
SuccessorRoyal Princess PreCure

Floral PreCure (フローラル プリキュア Furōraru Purikyua) is the second series to CureJade2910's Series.


Floral PreCure Episodes

The Garden Of Nature is having a Coronation Ceremony. But just as the crown is was about to be placed on the head of Princess (just about to become Queen) Flora, There was a smash and the Garden Of Nature was destroyed! Queen Natalie sends the three warriors to Earth.



Kirabara Aiko / Cure Rose

Aiko is a cheerful 14 year old who is the leader of the Gardening Club. She hates to study and used to go to tuition (which she hated). Whenever she sees a person down, she always tries to cheer them up. Her theme colour is Pink.

Murasaki Seira / Cure Lavender

Serra is a shy girl who isn't really intrested in the Gardening Club at first. But after meeting Aiko, she gets addicted to learning about them and usually waits for the Flower Lessons at school. Her theme colour is Lilac.

Akaihana Laura / Cure Petunia

Laura is a 10 year old who seems to be a cooking professional but never did what to show her talent of it. All she ever wanted was to join Gardening Club but she was forced to cook as it was a family tradition passed down by each generation of her family. Her theme colour is Scarlet.



Petal is a light red rabbit. She is very serious but can turn mischievous once she sees a carrot. She is usually trying to get Aiko to study but fails on doing this. She seems to be giving tips to Laura about her fashion sense.


Nectar is Petal's little brother and is a light yellow rabbit. He is the complete opposite of his big sister and is an influence for Aiko. He doesn't like eating carrots unlike Petal.


Princess Flora

Flora was about be crowned ruler of the Garden Of Nature however it was destroyed on the day of her Ceremony.


King Weed

The main villian of the series.


The first villian to appear. He has the power to remove soil from ground and throw it at his Enemies.


She is the second villian to appear and she has the power to use electricity and shoot at things she doesn't like (such as flowers and PreCure).



The monsters of the series


Compact Of Nature

The transformation device of the Cures. To transform they shout out "PreCure Unlock My Floral Future!"

Nature Jewels
Small jewels used to create a wish. Every 20 that has been collected will create a wish.


Garden Of Nature Petal and Nectar's Home.

Kirahana Town

Location the series is set in.

Kirahana Academy

School for Aiko and Seira. Kirahana Elementary School

School for Laura.

  • Compact of Nature
  • The Full Team

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