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This is third fan series by CureSailorMoon1617.

The series genres are Magical Girl and Comedy.  The series themes are classic fiction themes from through out history.


It is about 5 japanese school girls who are the rencarnations of famous writers who must become pretty cures and save the world from a great disaster.


Pretty Cures

Shirley Nazo / Cure Mystery

She is creative and serious girl who loves mystery novels.  She can become Cure Mystery and introduces herself as, "The key to solve a mystery is elementery, Cure Mystery".

Olive Hun / Cure Novel

She is a kind and giving young girl who loves dramas and things that seem to take place in real life.  She Cure Novel and introduces herself as, "Drama makes the best kind of book, Cure Novel".

Alena Home / Cure Epic

An sweet and shy blind girl who loves tales of adventure but wishes that she could see.  She can see the world when she becomes Cure Epic and introduces herself as, "The Epic Tale of Adventure, Cure Epic".

Willa Sphere / Cure Play

She is a dramatic and caring girl who loves to write plays and is head of her school's drama club.  She can become Cure Play and introduces herself as, "The Drama of the Theater is The Best, Cure Play".

Usa Takoto / Cure Manga

She is a friendly and good hearted young girl who loves anime and manga and has a passion for writing.  She can become Cure Manga and introduces her self as, "The Great Joy That Comes With Reading a Manga, Cure Manga".


Dark Write- The Big bad of the series.

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