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Feather Castletown (羽城町 Hane-jō machi?) is the main location in the Sky Pretty Cure Series and the girls' home town. In past, Feather-Castletown used to be connected to Skyriver by the Rainbow Bridge. Feather-Castletown is known to have five different schools. Two private, one public Middle School and a High School as well as one elementary school. In ancient times, Feather-Castletown was called Habanohara.

In the 1980s, the town has been expanded. The new built section of the town is locally known as the 'modern Feather Castletown', since it is less traditional and looks more modern than the common and main part of Feather Castletown. The Feather High is located at the modern section. To get from the traditional Feather Castletown to the modern one, you can easily go by train, this is also the fastest way.

Special Events

Known Locations


  • Feather Castletown is called "the center of the world of light" by the people of Kamon.
  • It was revealed in Episode 82, that Feather Castletown is close to Toyama.


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