Fashion Pretty Cure! Is a new pretty cure fan series. Makes by MikuHatsune145.


In a calm town of Osaka Sophie Rodriguez ( Sophie Roduriguesu) Is a 15th years old girl who studies in the Nebula Academy,a special academy who forms idols. Sophie is a popular model who is a friendly person. She is always with her friends.

Becoming a Precure

In a stormy day Sophie is in the way of her house when a gianormous tornado attacks Sophie and a demon appears,Sophie as frayed is concentrated her feeling (especially her fashion sense) A bright light envelopped her and Sophie become a pretty cure.


Sophie Rodriguez/Cure Sexy

A 15 years old girl a popular singer and model who studies in Nebula Academy with her friends she is also Cure Sexy ( Kyua Sekushi) she is the most powerful cure and the main protagonist of Fashion Pretty Cure! Her theme color is red rose.

Éléonore Oceano/Cure Cool

Éléonore is a 10th years old girl who also studies in Nebula Academy,she is a famous actress and singer,she is the best friend of Flora Evergreen. She loves the sea and loves acting. She is originally Italian she is also Cure Cool ( Kyua Kurru) who is the 2nd precure her theme color is light blue.

Flora Evergreen/Cure Cutie

She is a 11th years old girl and also studies in Nebula Academy she is a singer and dancer who creates amazing dances with her friend especially Éléonore Gracielli who she is the best friend. She loves animals,flowers and flower printed clothes. She is also Cure Cutie (Kyua Kyutii) the 3rd precure,her theme color is vivid pink.

Cindy Le Fort/Cure Pop

She is a 13th years old girl,she studies at Nebula Academy she is a popular singer and plubicitary mascot she loves sugar food like milkshake,popcorn,lollipops or ice cream she is the best friend of Pauline Le Loin.She is also Cure Pop (Kyua Poppu) the 4th precure of Fashion Pretty Cure! Her theme colors is bright orange.

Pauline Le Loin/Cure Ethnic

She is a 12th years old girl and studies in Nebula Academy she is a singer and producer she is the best friend of Cindy Le Fort and she loves plants and vegetarian foods( a tradition in her family) she is originally chinese she has at the debut a chinese accent but before can perfectly speak japanese. She is also Cure Ethnic ( Kyua Etuniku) her main color is bright lime green. She is the last precure of Fashion Pretty Cure!

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