Fang Pretty Cure
Fangu Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 1 2015-January 24 2016
Opening SongShine in The Darkness
Ending SongBlood Rhapsody (ep 1-26)

Revenge (ep 27-49)

Series Info
PredecessorMystery Pretty Cure!
SuccessorAdventure Pretty Cure!

Fang Pretty Cure (ファングプリキュア Fangu Purikyua?) is Starmix03's 15th fanseries. Clearly from the title, the series have a vampire/horror thematic, although it's not too dark.


A girl just woke up from her 1000-year sleep, her name is Kiba Akako. She is forever alone, she never made friends and her parents died long time ago. In fact, she lives in the Kurenai Manor all alone. She goes to school but she scared her friends. Then she met a mysterious girl named Sato Ayaka. Everyday, she teaches Akako to do what a person usually does. Until a mysterious monster showed up and kidnapped Ayaka. Akako transform into Cure Vampire and saves Ayaka.



Kiba Akako/Cure Vampire (牙赤子/キュアバンパイア Kiba Akako/Kyua Banpaia?)
The loner who slept eternally in her corpse for 1000 years. She had no friends and family, until she met Ayaka who taught her to be a human. Her alter ego is Cure Vampire, and her theme color is crimson red and black.

Sato Ayaka/Cure Rhapsody (佐藤妖/キュアラプソディ Satō Ayaka/Kyua Rapusodi?)
The girl that taught Akako to behave like a real human. Her Cure form appears in episode 28. She lives in the Kurenai Manor with Akako and they go to school together. Her alter ego is Cure Rhapsody and her theme color is gothic colors such as black and dark purple.


Lord Jigoku (ジゴクさま Jigoku-sama?)
The big boss of Bloody. He is the king of Hell.

Crimson (クリムソン Kurumuson?)
The first minion of Bloody. He is a tall handsome-looking man. In episode 47, it is revealed that Crimson is Akako's older brother, Kiba Masaki.

Pico (ピコ Piko?)
A selfish young boy and the second minion.

Horror (ホラー Horā?)
The third minion and the only lady.


Rose (ローズ Rōzu?)
The only mascot who is a bat. She is a robot bat that was invented by Ayaka gaven to Akako.


Fang Commune - The Transformation Item that Akako uses by shouting "Pretty Cure, Fang Up!"

Rhapsody Palette - The Transformation Item that Ayaka uses by shouting "Pretty Cure, Fang Up!"

Fang Sword - The weapon that Cure Vampire uses.

Rhapsody Saber - The weapon that Cure Rhapsody uses.

Bloody Fang - Akako's violin that is 1000 years old and still works.


Kurenai Manor

The haunted mansion Akako and Ayaka live in. It is really old and it was owned by Akako's ancestors.


The city where Akako and Ayaka live in.

Barakaze Middle School

A school where Akako and Ayaka go to.


  • This is the first season where one Cure fights alone and later another one came mid-season.
  • This show is really similar to Kamen Rider Kiva

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