Fairy Tones
Fearii Toon
Personal Information
Home PlaceHeart Palace
Theme Colorpurple (Biry)

light purple (Mery)
Gold (Crescendo)

Anime Information
SeasonEvery Power Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceEPPC10

The Fairy Tones (フェアリートーン Fearii Toon) are Kanon's, jewel-like mascots. They grant power and abilities when they are inserted into the Cure Modules or Belltiers. Fairy Tones are originally from Suite Pretty Cure♪. The two Tones, which appear in Every Power Pretty Cure! are Mery and Biry.


Mery and Biry look just like the Fairy Tones from Suite Pretty Cure♪ :
Both Tones have a multi-faceted jewel on their heads and both have the same color because of Kanon, whose main color purple is. But Mery's is much lighter than Biry's. Mery is inserted into the Cure Modules when the Pretty Cure transform, but leaves the Cure Module and move around after the transformation.

Abilities and Powers

Both have the power to give Cure Harmony the power to attack. And are important for the Melodic Belltier. Cure Harmony needs Mery, if she wants to transform and Biry, for using the Melodic Belltier. Later in season, the Tones have the power to become Crescendo Tone and Cure Harmony is able to transform into Crescendo Cure Harmony.

Revealed Fairy Tones

Name Ability
Transformation into Cure Harmony.
Gives Cure Harmony the Medolic Belltier.


  • Mery's name is based on Cure Melody, the lead Cure from Suite Pretty Cure♪
  • Biry's name is based on Cure Beat a Cure from Suite Pretty Cure♪



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