Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail precure member

Fairy Tail precure member

feari teru purikyua!
General Information
StudioTOEI Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunOngoing
Series Info
PredecessorTwo Life Precure!
SuccessorFairy Tail Precure GoGo!

Fairy Tail Prevure! (フェアリーテールプリキュア! Feari teru purikyua!?) is a fan season created by User:BellRose~. This is a crossover of fairy tail, The theme is Constellation.


2 years after Two Life Precure! As claimed Zeref back up. Zeref this time to attack Mangolia Town. Sora, Kii, Seira, and Maria had come to go to Mangolia town to apprise.

Yukino said that the precure time is in Fairy Tail Guild. This time the target Zeref to take Lucy owned Zodiac key, and said they had found the cure of each 12 different zodiac! will it work?


Main Pretty Cure

Lucy Heartfillia - she is the first and a new leader of Fairy Tail Precure. She good friend with Kazesawa Sora. Her alter ego is


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