This a list of episodes and their discriptions for the Pretty Cure series Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure!.


Sakura AiHana is normal 14 year old girl living in Tokyo, atleast until the day she gains the Fairy Heart Rod and becomes Cure SweetHeart, then her life is changed forever as she must now battle the evil forces of the Dark Army. 

She is later joined by Cure BlueFire, who is also her older sister Emi AiHana, a popular teen idol.  She promises to help out Sakura and fight the forces of the Dark Army as long as no one gets hurt.

List of Episodes

Episode 1 The Sweet & Brave PreCure! Cure SweetHeart is Born!

In the sky kingdom Angelina, a baby princess and the Precure Amulets are sent to Earth while a woman with red fights against the dark princess Evil.

14 years later...

14 year old Sakura AiHana sits in class looking out the wind and daydreaming about becoming a Precure like the characters in her favorite TV show Pretty Cure.  A new girl named Tenshi Uingusu is introduced to the class and sits in the desk right beside Sakura.  After school, she thinks about how her older sister Emi said she get over Pretty Cure and start watching more grown up animes like Sailor Moon and Princess Monoke.  Then suddenly a weird but pretty pink rod falls on the grond and she picks it up.  A cute little cat named sweety comes out and tells her to say "Heart Love Up".  She says it and is transformed into a cute pink PreCure.  An evil villain then shows up and says his name is Bad, he immediatly recognizes her as a PreCure.  Sweety tells her that her precure name is Cure SweetHeart, she then introduces herself, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart".  Bad turns a lamp post into a Meanie and leaves the scene.  SweetHeart fights the monster and uses her attack, "Pure Heart Solution" to turn the monster back into a lamp post.  She then turns back to normal and Sweety tells her she must now fight the forces of evil as Cure SweetHeart, which she is overjoyed to hear.

Episode 2 The Big Bad Bully Attacks! Protect Shy Happy Little Tenshi!

As Sakura walks through the gate of the front yard of the school, she notices the bully Ken picking on Tenshi  the new girl in her class, and Tenshi is starting to cry like a little kid.  Sakura then stands up for Tenshi  so ken leaves them alone for now.  Tenshi thanks her and they head to class.  At lunch, Sakura again sees ken picking on Tenshi  this time trying to steal her lunch.  And again Sakura stands up her against ken.  Sakura and Tenshi eat lunch together on the roof and chat to eachother about what they like and dislike, they become quick friends.  After school they say good bye to eachother and walk home seperatly.  Ken sees this and wishes he had friends like them, then suddenly Bad appears and turns him into a Meanie.  The Meanie then goes after Tenshi and starts chasing her and calling her names like CryBaby and Loser.  She then trips and starts crying loudly.  Sakura hears this and sweety alerts her of the Meanie.  She then says, "Heart Love Up", and transforms into her cure form.  She then arrives at the scene and says, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart".  She then sees Tenshi crying and says, "Ok, now you've done it, pick on poor sweet little girls will you, Now you're going to get it".  She then uses "Pure Heart Solution" to turn the meanie back into ken.  She transforms back to normal where no one can see her.  She then runs to Tenshi and asks her if she is ok, she is perfectly fine she says.  Sakura then tells ken he should join a sports club to make some friends, which he says is a good idea and thet he is going to go do that right now.  Sakura then takes Tenshi to a local ice cream shop and buys her some to cheer her up

Episode 3 A Visit to Toei! A Anime Monster Comes to Life!

It is sunday and Sakura is coming along with her older sister Emi to Toei Animation because Emi is guest staring in an anime drama as herself.  As they walk through the hallway, Sakura looks in through the window to one of the rooms and and sees Izumi Todo, who is the creator of the Pretty Cure.  She then walks in and say hi.  Izumi looks up and asks her what she is doing in here.  Sakura tells her that she is a huge fan of Pretty Cure and that she thinks Pretty Cure is the best series ever.  Izumi says thank you and then asks her to leave, so Sakura leaves and goes back to her big sister Emi.  Through out the morning she watches Emi sing and act will having her voice recorded by the microphone.  For lunch, she and Emi have turkey sanwitches and fried squid with fruit juice and cookies on the side.  After lunch, Emi goes back into the voice recording studio and leaves Sakura to read her Doki Doki Precure manga volume 1 out in the hallway.  Meanwhile in Izumi's office, as she is drawing a sketch of a selfish monster for next week's episode of Doki Doki PreCure.  Bad shows up and tells her to stop doing Pretty Cure, but she refuses saying that is is her series and she will not stop it just because some one tells her too.  Bad turns the selfish sketch into a meanie and flees the scene, Izumi then leaves her office and runs down the hallway being chased by the meanie.  Sakura stops reading her manga when she hears a weird tumping sound and soon sees Izumi runing down the hallway while being chased by the meanie.  Sakura then runs into a broom closet and says, "Heart Love Up", to transform into a pretty cure.  Izumi was able to get the meanie outside of the studio.  SweetHeart says, "The Sweet Hear of Purity, Cure Sweet".  Izumi says, "So your the legendary warrior of PreCure who awakened".  SweetHeart is a little shocked by this but then says, "How dare you pick on Izumi Todo,  a great women of anime who created g the PreCure series of anime I love, Now your going to get it".  She then uses "Pure Heart Solution" to turn the monster back into a sketch.  She then turns back to normal and meets back up with her older sister Emi so she can go home for the evening.

Episode 4 Song, The Talking Blue Dog! The Search for the Next Pretty Cure!

Early Monday morning, Sakura opens her bedroom and looks around outside, suddenly she sees a blue dog fly in through her and head toward Sweety.  She asks Sweety who the blue dog is and why she is here.  The blue dog says her name is Song and that she is here to find the next Pretty Cure.  Song holds up a blue perfume bottle and says that it is called the Fairy Blue Perfume, she then hands it over to Sakura for safe keeping.  Emi then comes into Sakura's room to say Good Morning and sees the two little animals acting like stuff animals.  She picks up Song saying it is the cutest stuff animal she's ever seen and the Fairy Blue Perfume seems to suddenly be reacting by releasing a scent of blue berries and blue roses but no one seems to notice.  Emi then puts down Song and leaves to go get ready for school.  Sakura soon gets ready and eats breakfest before leaving to walk with angel to school.  Sweet and Song decide to spend the day looking for Song's partner, they decide to look around Sakura's school for the next Pretty Cure.  They decide to look around the middle school part first because Sakura is in her second year of Junior High.  Song accidently startles the gym teacher by asking him if he is a precure by talking and floating and the gym teacher faints.  They also accidently the lunch lady and some one in the news paper club.  At lunch, Sakura hears rumors about a pink ghost and a blue ghost, she thinks that some people just have over active imaginations.  In the afternoon, Song also ends up accidently scaring 3 girls in the bath room and the school principle in her office.  After school, Sakura notices Sweety but asks where is song.  Sweety explains that they ran into Emi but only Sweety was able to hide and Emi ended up picking up Song who said she was going to take her home and ask Sakura if she could keep the cute little blue dog "toy".  Emi is walking home holding Song in her arms gently when suddenly Bad appears out of no where and asks for the Fairy Blue Perfume, but she says she does not know  what the is.  So he use a harsh wind to hit her against a wall and knock her unconicious, as he is about to check her.  SweetHeart appears and says, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart".  She then notices Emi and says, "How dare you pick on Emi AiHana, a popular teen idol loved by many for her great personality and beautiful voice, Now you're going to get it".  Bad turns the wall into a meanie and flees the scene.  She fights the meanie and uses "Pure Heart Solution" to turn it back to normal.  Sakura then turns back to normal and runs up to her sister, Emi soon wakes up and Sakura asks her if she is ok, she says she is just that her head hurts a little.  They then walk home together and have a nice little conversation.

Episode 5 What? I am a Pretty Cure! Cure BlueFire is Born!

Later that night, Sakura is able to get Song away from Emi and take her to her room.  She asks them what they were doing at her school today, and they say they wre searching for the next Pretty Cure.  Song then says that she thinks the next pretty cure is Emi, but Sakura laughs and says it can't be Emi because she dislikes the Pretty Cure anime series.  But still song grabs the Fairy Blue Perfume, writes a note, and knocks on Emi's bedroom door.  Emi opens the door and reads the note, thinking it is a gift from Sakura, grabs Song and the perfume and takes them into her room before Sakura can do any thing.  Suddenly Sweety tells Sakura that a statue down town has turned into a meanie and they must go deal with it right now, so they will have to deal with this problem.  So Sakura transforms and goes off to fight the meanie.  Meanwhile in Emi's bedroom, a she admires how cute the stuff animal is, Song suddenly starts floating and intoduces her self.  Emi freaks out but then introduces herself but freaks out again.  Song asks her to become a pretty cure, but Emi is confused and says it is just a silly old kids show.  So Song gives her the Fairy Blue Perfume and tells her to say, "Fire Lightning On".  So she says, "Fire Lightning On", and is transformed into a Pretty Cure.  She freaks out and asks Song to turn her back to normal right now.  Song says she will tell her how to turn back to normal if she is able to defeat a meanie, Emi agrees and follows Song to meanie.  When they get there, they discover that SweetHeart is having a hard time with it as this meanie was made by Mad, another general of the Dark Army.  Mad notices Emi in her cure form and notices her powers are different then SweetHeart's so he leaves the scene to go do some research.  Emi is told what her cure name is and what her attack is called by Song.  She introduces herself as, "The Lightning Flame of Music, Cure BlueFire".  She the grabs out the Fairy Blue Perfume and says, "Fire Musical Flash", to turn the meanie back into a statue.  Song tell her how to turn back and she does, shocking SweetHeart woh then turns back into Sakura.  Sakura runs up to her big sister Emi and asks her if it is ok for her to be pretty cure.  She says it is perfectly fine and they hug like sisters do.

Episode 6 What is a Pretty Cure? Why Did it Have to be Us?

Sakura and Emi sit in Sakura's bedroom, they ask Sweety and Song about why they can become pretty cures and what is so important about their special devices.  Sweety tells them that Pretty Cures are the legendary warriors of Angelina and that they were chosen because they could be of angelian decent.  Song tells that the Fairy Heart Rod and Fairy Blue Perfume are apart the most sacred items of Angelina known as the PreCure Amulets.  Emi and Sakura than ask what is Angelina and where is it.  Sweety tells them that Angelina is a kingdom that is full of magic and wonder.  Song then says that it is also a magical floating kingdom in the sky.  The two girls ask what there mission.  Sweet tells them that they must search for the PreCure Princess so they can protect her.  The girls then ask about what a PreCure Princess exactly is.  Song says that the Precure Princess is the most powerful out of all the Pretty Cures.  Sweety and Song then alerts the two girls of a meanie down town.  So the two girls transform and head down town to where the meanie is causeing trouble.  They try to fight the meanie but find that they are having trouble.  Bad and Mad then say that they created the meanie together so it is more powerful then usaull and leave the scene.  SweetHeart says, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart",  and BlueFire says, "The Lightning Flame of Music, Cure BlueFire".  They then say together, "Together With Our Power of Friendship and Love, We Are Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure!".  Sweety and Song then tell them about their own group attack and how to use it.  They then put their hands together and say, "Fire Heart Sparkle", to get rid of the meanie.  They then transform back to normal and walk balk home together.

Episode 7 Heart All Alone?! The Super Hard Fight!

Sakura is eating lunch at school with Tenshi on the roof as usual.  They talk about the Pretty Cure anime and manga series they like alot.  Tenshi says that her favorite anime is Magical DoReMi, which is another series made by Izumi Todo.  After school, Sakura decides to walk home alone for a change.  As she walks, she sees an evil prince looking man robbing the bank.  She says "Heart Love Up" to transform into a pretty cure.  She trys to get a hold of Emi but it seems Emi is to busy with modeling to pick up her cell phone.  Sakura the says, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart".  The man says that his name is Sir Evil and that he is Princess Evil's boyfriend.  He turns the bag of money into meanie to attack SwwetHeart.  Sakura trys to attack the meanie with "Pure Heart Solution" but finds it does not work.  The monster then starts beating her up like crazy.  She then thinks of an attack that might work but is a little nervous to try it.  As the monster throws her all over the place, she decides she has had enough.  She takes out the Fairy Heart Rod, makes a heart out of light, and then says "Pure Heart Ultra Solution".  This new attack is able to purify the meanie.  Sir Evil is mad and says he will be back to finish this soon.  Sakura then transforms back to normal and goes home while thinking about how mad she is at Emi for not picking up her cell phone.

Episode 8 The Big Mystery! Is That Girl a Pretty Cure!

Sakura is walking home after school with Sweety on her shoulder when she suddenly bumps into soemone.  She looks up to see that it is her old friend Mami Todo who she has not seen since elementery school.  She is wearing casual clothes instead of a school uniform.  She says hi, Sakura notices she dropped a green stuff animal and hands it to her.  Sweety, who is pretending to be a stuff animal, notices everything.  At home Sakura goes to see Emi in her bedroom.  Sweety and Song start talking to eachother.  Sweety asks who that girl was they met on the way home.  Sakura says that it is her childhood friend Mami Todo and that she is Izumi Todo's daughter.  Sweety says that she thinks that girl is a pretty cure and that she and Sakura are going to spy on her tomorrow after school.  The next day after school, Sakura and Sweety follow around Mami when she leaves her school.  They first follow her to a book store to buy some art books.  Then to a art store where she buys lots of art supplies.  Suddenly she is attacked by Sir Evil who asks her to be apart of his army but she refuses so he throws her against a wall.  Sakura transforms and introduces herself, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart".  Mami then starts glowing and holds out a green stone, she calls "Nature Green Shine" and is transformed into a pretty cure.  She then introduces herself, "The Natural Essence of Earth, Cure EarthMint".  She than holds the stone in her hand and calls out "Mint Natural Vines".  Sir Evil is then entangled in vines and gets really annoyed so he leaves the scene.  Sakura then hugs Mami saying how happy she is to have another ally.

Episode 9 Mami is Our New Ally! Cure EarthMint is Super!

It is sunday, so everyone hasthe day off school.  Emi and Sakura sit in Sakura's bedroom with their new Pretty Cure ally Mami.  Sakura asks Mami how she became a pretty cure in the first place.  Mami says it all started when she came across a green fairy named Creamy, who jumps out of her bag and introduces herself and is revealed to be a friend of Song and Sweety, and a beautiful green stone called the Fairy Earth Stone, which she then shows to everyone.  She says that a weird guy also showed up trying to take the stone and creamy.  But she refused and transformed into the pretty cure of nature named Cure EarthMint.  She says that it happened about 2 weeks ago and she has been doing special training in order to get better at being a pretty cure.  Sakura suddenly starts feeling sick, Sweety says that a meanie has just been created.  Sakura calls out "Heart Love Up", Emi calls out "Fire Lightning On", and Mami calls out "Nature Green Shine", so they can all transform into pretty cures.  They soon reach the meanie and see that it was created from a fern.  Sakura says "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart", Emi then says "The Lightning Flame of Music, Cure BlueFire", and Mami says "The Natural Essence of Earth, Cure EarthMint", they then all call out together "Together With Our Power of Friendship and Love, We Are Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure!".  Mami uses "Mint Natural Vines" to cover it in vines to keep it still and uses "Earth Healing Wave" to turn it back to normal.  Sakura and Emi say they are inpressed by Mami's fighting skills and she thanks them.  

Episode 10 The Mysterious Dreams! The Legend of the Precure Princess!

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