Eternal Pretty Cure is a fan series by Cure Believe, aiming to run for 48 episodes. Its theme is infinity.


In Infinity Heaven, everyone lives in peace. There is a group called Finite who wants to stop everything from living eternally. Three mascots, Eien, Towa, and Fumetsu, depart to Earth to find the Pretty Cure to stop Finite.

Middle school student Kakusareta Kibou is heading to her class, but she is late. She later goes to silently read like usual until she meets Eien. They both see a girl in a dark yellow outfit who sees the two. She tries to attack them, but Eien gives Kibou an item called Eternal Light, and transforms into Cure Forever! She learns an attack that stops the mysterious girl, and now there are two more Cures out there...



Kakusareta Kibou is a middle school student who is usually late, but she has a habit of reading every afternoon. She always tries to be gentle, but has failed quite a few times. She can transform into Cure Forever.

  • Everlasting and Never-Ending! Cure Forever!

Azayaka Jinsei was Kibou's rival, but when they both entered middle school, they became good friends. Jinsei has an incredible talent for singing, so she became an idol. She can transform into Cure Immortal.

  • Never-Dying and Still Alive! Cure Immortal!

Kowareta Tsubasa was a villain called Cure Finite who wanted to become the leader of Finite. She appeared in front of Kibou while she was reading, but failed to attack. Mid-series, it is revealed she was a normal girl in her past and was put under a spell to make her evil. When she breaks out of the spell, she can transform into Cure Infinite.

  • (first) Temporary Life! Cure Finite!
  • (second) Eternal and Onward! Cure Infinite!





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