Eternal Glow PreCure
エターナル グロー プリキュア
Etānaru Gurō Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunMarch 15 2019
Opening SongEternal Glitter!
Ending SongKagayaki (Ep 1-27)

Shimmering Hearts (Ep 28-48)

Series Info
PredecessorHappy Colours PreCure
SuccessorAqua Serenade PreCure

Eternal Glow PreCure(エターナル グロー プリキュア Etānaru Gurō Purikyua) is the seventh series to CureJade2910's PreCure.


Eternal Glow PreCure Episodes

The Light Empire has been trapped within the hands on Darkness for too long and the overthrown Queen,Celestia,trapped in the dungeon of darkened manages to send out two of guardians to find PreCure. Taiyo is a bright and cheerful person but did the opposite to others near until she meets Starlight. Soon,she meets Tsuki,who finds a creature named Aurora. With the duo found and two more creatures appear,they will protect light!



Kagayaki Taiyo/Cure Dawn

Taiyo is half Japanese and half Australian. She is a bright one of her family. She has five other siblings and has a hard time it take care of them. Her ego is Cure Dawn and she represents the Sun.

Mikadzukikei Tsuki/Cure Twilight

Tsuki is the calm one of the duo. She sometimes dresses in Japanese style and is quite shy. She reads a lot of Japanese fiction books and rarely watches TV. Her ego is Cure Twilight and she represents the Moon.



Starlight is Taiyo's partner. She is like her partner and respects her highly. She sometimes starts fights and is mischievous. She is gold rabbit


Tsuki's partner. Aurora is shy like her partner but is bright as well. She encourages Tsuki to be a bit more joyful and bright and succeeded by the final episode. She is a magenta puppy


Dolce is a blue and purple striped fox that is the older twin sister of Melody. She likes to play the piano and is the next Queen of the Light Empire. NOTE:The credits for this character goes to User:LunarSolar.


Melody is Dolce's younger twin sister. She likes to play the cello. She is unfortunately not the next Queen but is able to activate and summon the Sunlight Bracelet and the Moonlight Sceptre. NOTE:The credits for this character also goes to User:LunarSolar



The main villain of the series. He likes everything black and can find even a speck of light. He is the only villain along with Blank.


The only servant for Darkness. She is rude and mean. She hates Cure Dawn the most and laughs mockingly when she attempts to use her powers in episode three.


The monsters used in the series.


Light Communes

The transformation devices that Sunlight and Aurora can change into. To transform they shout out "PreCure! Light Storm!".

Sunlight Bracelet

The attack weapon for Cure Dawn for her second attack.

Moonlight Sceptre

The attack weapon for Cure Twilight so she can do her second attack.

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