Enchant! Pretty Cure is a fan series created by Cure Lucky. It features Haretsu Hanabi who also appears in Fight Together! Pretty Cure. Like Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure!, this season has Witches and Sorcery as the main theme.



Pretty Cure

Haretsu Hanabi/ Cure Magic
Hanabi is a cheerful, funny, hyper 13 year old girl with a happy-go-lucky personality, but is also known for being short-tempered and even rude at times. She is said to be firm and sometimes shows off her sly and elegant sides. Due to her low patience, Hanabi often acts before thinking, but in the end everything ends happily for her. She is fond of and good at drawing, singing and cooking. She transforms into Cure Magic and her theme color is magenta.

Yasuragi Maemi/ Cure Spell
Maemi is a calm, friendly, girly and cheerful 12-year-old girl who gets excellent grades because of her smartness. She transforms into Cure Spell and her theme color is purple.

Koudou Yuukiya/ Cure Trick
Yuukiya is a very loud 12-year-old and sometimes can be much daring, but is still a really good friend who will never let someone get bored. She is good at archery and often fights with Maemi. She transforms into Cure Trick and her theme color is green.

Mahousekai Kiseki/ Cure Fancy
Kiseki is an easy-going, cheerful and sweet girl and the youngest Cure of the team being 10 years old. However she can behave rudely, because of her two elder brothers who often get angry at her. She transforms into Cure Fancy and her theme color is yellow.

Akizawa Mizu/ Cure Potion
Mizu is a 13 year old girl who is much like Hanabi. She is cocky and sometimes rude and snobbish, but has a loving nature. She is the "big sister" of the team, even if Hanabi refuses to accept that fact. She transforms into Cure Potion and her theme color is blue.


Puff is Hanabi's mascot. Others soon...





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