Emiko Harumi- (Harumi Emiko) is the leader of FSPC (FriendShip Pretty Cure! ). She is studying at HoshiYuuki All girls school. She is the childhood friend of Misora Minami. Her cure ego is Cure Love.


Harumi's hair color is light pink with dark pink at the ends. She wears her hair down. Her eyes are light pink. Her clothes are with thin pink jacket with laces at the end. She wears a light pink, almost white, T-shirt. Her shoes are pink converse with white socks. She wears her friendship bracelet on her left wrist.

As Cure Love, she have pigtails and at the same time she wears her hair down. Her eyes are fuschia. Her hair accessories are hearts with laces. Her appearance look like for Cure Diamond. The color of her dress is pink dark pink and white.She also have a pink ribbon. Her shoes are white.


Harumi's personality is like a combination of Tsubomi's personality and Mana's personality. She is smart, wise, and energetic. She gets serious when she is fighting. She can get mad when someone bad-mouths her friends (like Cure Rosetta) 


Harumi and her friends were childhood friends before. Their memories where eraed by Mai-sama. Now she attends the HoshiYuuki All girls highschool until she met her best friend, Misora Minami.


Misora Minami- Her closest friend. She is the second friend she made.

Akari Chiyo- One of her friends

Satomi Yukino- One of her friends.

Sachi Ryouko- One of her friends.

Shadow- Her partner, her enemy.

Shine- Her fairy partner.

Cure Love

" The friend of love, Cure Love! "


"Ai no yūjin, Kyua Rabu!"


Harumi first get her magical peace from her Love Make-up. Then she forms a heart using her bracelet. Then a big heart surrounds her, then her body shines, then she shouts "FriendShip! Battle" then she claps 3x and her clothes appear, she claps her legs and her shoes appear. She turns around and the feathers in her skirt appears. She touches her heart and the ribbon appear, she winks and her make-up, hair and hair accessories appears, then she finally jumps saying "yay" then she says her introduction speech.


Love Blast- ​First she forms a heart using her her hands, she releases her hands but the heart shape stays, then she shouts "Precure Love Blast" then releases all her energy and winks. Then sparkles, and hearts are released. 


Emiko- (恵美子) means child with grace and beauty.

Harumi- (晴海) means little spring.


  • She is the first cure to have a hair color combination, light pink and dark pink (and also violet)
  • The first cure to lose her memory
  • The first lead cure to have a big sister
  • The first lead cure (civilian form) to have her hair down, instead of tying it in a ponytail or pigtails


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