Ellie Kagome is one of cures from Pretty Cure Phoenix Prisms! Her alter ego is Cure Shining. 

Ellie Kagome
カガメ エリー
Kagome Eri
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (Ellie)

Blonde (Shining)

Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceShiranami Town
RelativesSakura Kagome (Mother)

Hideaki Kagome (Father) Haruka Kagome (Sister)

Alter EgoCure Shining
Theme ColorLight yellow, white
Anime Information


Ellie is energetic girl and is great at sports. She loves sweets and cakes. She is sometimes a bit clumsy and often acts before she think. She often doesn't think what she is saying, but in reality she is very good friend and always helps others. She often has ideas but they aren't always very good. 


Ellie has light brown hair that she keeps in two ponytails and green eyes. When she transform in Cure Shining her hair change color to blonde and her tails grows longer.


Before series started


Cho HisakawaCho is Ellie's best friend. They often argue but usually their fights aren't very long. Ellie sometimes call her Hisa or Charlie. Hisa because her surname (Hisakawa). It' unknown why does she call her Charlie sometimes.

Haruka Kagome - Haruka is Ellie's younger sister. They ofen argue but she also often play with her and will always protect her.

Hikaru - Hikaru is Ellie's mascot partner. Because their similar personalities they often aruge with each other, but also both cares for each other.

Konomi HoshikuzuAguri KisekiInseki HoshinoInochi Modosu - Other cures in team. She gets along with them well.


  • Ellie shares some similarities with Misumi Nagisa from Futari wa Pretty Cure
    • They are both good at sports.
    • They both often argue with their mascot partners.
    • They both often argue with their younger sibling.

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