Dynamite! Pretty Cure (ダイナマイト!プリキュア Dainamaito! PuriKyua?) is starmix03's 10th milestone fan series. The motif is about Fireworks, Rainbows, Dynamites, and Fun. It replaces Spy Pretty Cure! in it's initial timeslot and later replaced by Turbo Pretty Cure!


Dynamite World is the place for everything weird and wonderful. It has thousands of playgrounds, epic firework displays, wacky rollercoasters, and most of all, nonstop fun! But on a mysterious day, Dynamite World was silent, there were no noises, amusement parks were closed, and it was boring. But an explosion occured and Dynamite World was in peril. A legendary warrior named Cure Rainbow (Which is famous, including Earth. She is a rumored hero there) can stop them, but it was too late. The giant boss of the villain took her powers away and she can't transform anymore. Cure Rainbow has to go to Earth with Color and find some teammates.


Pretty Cures

Hanabi Iro/Cure Firework (花火 色/キュアファイヤーヲーク Hanabi Iro/Kyua Faiyāwōku?)

Nijikawa Heiwa/Cure Spiral (虹川 平和/キュアスパイラル Nijikawa Heiwa/Kyua Supairaru?)

Aozora Tentai/Cure Celestial (青空 天体/キュアセレステイアル Aozora Nami/Kyua Seresutiaru?)

Irotoridori Niji/Cure Rainbow (色取り取り 虹/キュアレインボー Irotoridori Niji/Kyua Reinbō?)

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