Dusk is a wolf-like mascot from Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure. She comes to earth before Dawn and is her younger sister.

Dusk/Yorugawa Yuugure
ダスク/夜川 夕暮れ
Personal Information
Age14 (Yuugure)
Birthday Date26 August
Hair Colorblack
Eye Colorpurple
Home PlaceColor Lands (originally)

Karafuru Town (currently)

RelativesDawn (sister, deceased)
Alter EgoBlack Prism
Theme ColorBlack (main)

Purple and White(sub)

Anime Information
SeasonRainbow Heart Pretty Cure

Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure Prism Light

First AppearanceRHPC01


Dusk is a black wolf. Her fur is black with rainbow-colored lines. Her tail has red lines that looks like ink.

In her human form (Yuugure), she has shoulder-long black hair and purple eyes. She wears a simple violet ribbon on her hair. Her casual clothes are a black shirt covered by a purple jacket, a frilly purple skirt, and a pair of black sports shoes.

In her Black Prism form, her hair is grows longer, and  changes into light purple. She wears a black tiara with a purple gem on it. She wears a black frilly dress, white leggings, purple short-boots, and a black glove on her left arm. She has a small pair of fake 'angel' wings on her back.


Dusk is cheerful and immature. She loves to eat, just like her sister. She has no sense of direction and gets lost multiple times in the series. She is quite lazy, and stubborn, but never gives up. Dusk ends her scentences with '~Yoru'.

Black Prism

Black Prism is Dusk's alter ego. She has the power of prisms and shadows.


Dusk was sent to earth right when Greya attacks. She is sent first so she can find the Pretty Cures. But she forgotten to bring the Rainbow Stones, and she can't return to Colour Lands. So she remembers every girl who will be a Pretty Cure by spying on them.

Powers/Abilities as a mascot

Sensing a power

Dusk can sense who is or will be a Pretty Cure. She can also sense other powers such as villains.

Crystal Projectiles

When in danger, Dusk can shoot crystal shaped projectiles.


Dusk's appearance is slightly based of Dark Chibi from the game Okamiden,

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