Dual Spiritual Wave is transformation phrase used by Honoka and Saki in All Seasons Pretty Cure!


When eight cures were separated from others and were taken to Konko world, Honoka and Saki noticed in Episode 1 that they can't transform because Nagisa and Mai aren't here. While watching other cures fight they felt bad because they can't help them. In Episode 2 Honoka and Saki find out that their feelings are same and got powers to transform together until they are together with Nagisa and Mai.

List of Sequences

Honoka and Saki to Cure White and Cure Bloom - Episode 2


Honoka and Saki: Dual Spiritual Wave!

Cure White: With feelings of our partners in our hearts...

Cure Bloom: ... we'll fight for everyone in Konko world and met them again!


  • This is first time two cures from diffrent seasons transform together with new transformation phrase.

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