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Dreaming Pretty Cure! is the eleventh series Cure Believe has created. Its theme is illusions.




Ushinawa Keikaku (失わ 計画 Ushinawa Keikaku?) - The lead 14 year old in this season, Keikaku always likes to solve mysteries, but when trying to help, she sometimes gets out of hand or thinks illogically. As a Pretty Cure, her ego is Cure Mirror (キュアミラー Kyua Mirā?), the Cure of Mirrors. Her theme color is pink.

  • Brilliant Cure of Mirrors, Cure Mirror!

Kakusan Akarumi (拡散 明るみ Kakusan Akarumi?) - Keikaku's first and best friend, Akarumi aids Keikaku while in school, but wishes that one day they could go visit each others houses, just to become closer friends. As a Pretty Cure, her ego is Cure Imagine (キュアイマジン Kyua Imajin?), the Cure of Imagination. Her theme color is blue.

  • Graceful Cure of Imagination, Cure Imagine!

Hitori Aisa (独り 愛さ Hitori Aisa?) - An orphan student, Aisa misses her only parent, who had gone through cancer and failed to live. She always tries to find the nearest person to talk to and get over the problem. As a Pretty Cure, her ego is Cure Picture (キュアピクチャー Kyua Pikuchā?), the Cure of Picturing. Her theme color is orange/yellow.

  • Courageous Cure of Picturing, Cure Picture!

Sutekina Gakusei (素敵な 学生 Sutekina Gakusei?) - The eldest, at age 15, Gakusei is called "the lovely student" by her classmates, Keikaku, Akarumi, and Aisa. Although this is true, she overreacted about becoming a Pretty Cure for the first time. As a Pretty Cure, her ego is Cure Mirage (キュアミラージュ Kyua Mirāju?), the Cure of Mirages. Her theme color is purple.

  • Lovely Cure of Mirages, Cure Mirage!

Anzuru Kaiga (案ずる 絵画 Anzuru Kaiga?) - The 14 year old that joins around the middle of the series, Kaiga was originally a villain named Impulse. When she realized Cure Mirror was her friend Keikaku, she decided to join the Cures' side as Cure Reflect (キュアリフレクト Kyua Rifurekuto?). Her theme color as Impulse is dark green and her theme color as Cure Reflect is green.

  • Worthy Cure of Reflecting, Cure Reflect!


(more info soon)
Clear (クリア Kuria?) - The Cures' mascot, he was sent to find the Dreaming Pretty Cure to help save his land and later Earth. He does not end his sentences with anything, unlike most mascots.


(more info soon)
Impulse (インパルス Inparusu?) - Impulse, the only female of the trio, acted as the boss of Cloudy and Blind and usually appeared alone. After a while, she took a human identity, Anzuru Kaiga, to spy on the Cures, but became friends with Keikaku instead. She later leaves the group when she becomes Cure Reflect.

Cloudy ( Hare?)

Blind (ブラインド Buraindo?)

Fogger (噴霧 Funmu?) - The monsters of this season. Whenever a person is having dark thoughts or a dark dream, the person "faints", thanks to one of the villains, and the thoughts are fused with an ordinary object. When the Funmu is purified, the person wakes up.



Other Appearances

The entire team will appear in a crossover movie with Mirage Pretty Cure!


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