Double Sound Pretty Cure ♫
Daburu Saundo Purikyua ♫
General Information
Opening SongDouble Pretty Cure Melody!
Ending SongSing My Song
Series Info
PredecessorBest Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥
SuccessorMegami! Pretty Cure
Double Sound Pretty Cure (ダブルサウンドプリキュア♫ Daburu Saundo Purikyua ♫) is FairySina's ninth Pretty Cure fan series. The story is about a group of girls who have the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. The seasons theme is music.


Wakana and Mai are good friends since their childhood. The two always spent much time together. In this year, Silence attacked our world and tried to take music from this world. As an idol, Wakane tries to share her love for music to other. This love allowed her and Mai to transform into Pretty Cure. Now they have to fight against Silence and save the music, everybody loves.



Kyokuen Wakana (曲園和奏 Kyokuen Wakana)/Cure Music (キュアミュージック Kyua Myūjikku)
Wakana is the lead Cure of this dou. She sing very well and had many concerts. She is an international idol. But she surely spents many time with her childhood friend Mai. Because of her job as idol, she does not have many time for school so she gets help by Mai. Her alter ego is Cure Music (キュアミュージック Kyua Myūjikku).

Gekiichi Mai (劇イチ舞 Gekiichi Mai)/Cure Play (キュアプレー Kyua Purē)
Mai is Wakana's Pretty Cure partner. She was Wakana's friend before she became an idol. She often helps Wakana with her studies. Mai is also very talented. She is a great dancer but never had some concerts. Her alter ego is Cure Play (キュアプレー Kyua Purē)


Sound (サウンド Saundo)
Sound is Wakana's partner.

Mix (ミックス Mikkusu)
Mix is Mai's Partner.


Silence (サイレンス Sairensu)
Silence is the main villain of this series. He wants to bring silence to the worlds.

Reset (リセット Risetto)
Silence's main allegiance. He first appears in Episode 46. He was send to collect the remaining Tunes of Music. He is also the leader of the other villains. He controlls the time and is able to reset the time as many as he wants to.

Break (ブレイク Bureiku)
Break is the first of Silence's allegiance, who appears. He was send to find the Tunes of Music. He is the second one, who controlls the time. He can stop the time as many as he wants to.

Speed (スピード Supīdo)
Speed is the second of Silence's allegiance, who appears. She was send to fix Break's mistakes and to find the Tunes of Music. She has the power pace and is able to speed up the time.

Slow (スロー Surō)
Slow is the third of Silence's allegiance, who appears. She came by her self to help Speed and Break to find the Tunes of Music. As the youngest, Low has a very wild personality. She has the power of pave and is able to slow down the time.

Cold (コールド Kōrudo)
Cold is the last of Silence's allesgiance, who appears (Reset not counted). He is the weakest of all. He has the ability to freeze the Cures.

Monsuma (モンスマー Monsumā)




Tunes of Music (音楽の曲 Ongaku no kyoku) - The items, the Cures have to collect.

Rhythm Player (リズムプレーヤー Rizumu Purēyā) - The girls' henshin item. They transform by shouting "Together! Pretty Cure, Start Dancing!"

Music Flute (ミュージックフルート Myūjikku Furūto) - Music's main weapon.

Dance Board (ダンスボールド Dansu Bōrudo) - Play's main weapon