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Double Rainbow Painting! (ダブルレインボーペインティング! Daburu Reinbō Peintingu!?, Zweifaches Farben Mosaik! in the German Dub) is an official tranformation phrase used in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. It is used by Koshokukoi Rubellit and Murasakiiro Amethyst to transform into Pretty Cure and was used for the first time in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. To activate the transformation, the girls need the power of Pink and Purple, as well as their Rainbow Pacts.

List of Sequences

Cure Heather & Cure Lavender — Episode 2


First, the two girls appear in front of a pink and purple background. Then they shout: "Double Rainbow Painting!" and the Rainbow Pact starts glowing brightly until a light is released. The light passes the two girls and changes their hair. First it was shown how Rubellit's hair grew longer, then it was shown how Amethyst's hair changed its color and grew longer. Then the scene was split, showing that the eye colors of both girls have changed. Then the girls separate themselves and Rubellit draws a heart, which floats over her head down to her feet, letting her outfit appear and even styles her hair. Then Amethyst was shown drawing a flower, which does the same. Then another split screen, showing the girls getting their rainbow pacts. Then Heather introduces herself: "Color of Love! Cure Heather!" and Lavender introduces herself: "Color of dreams! Cure Lavender!". Then the two grab each other's hands and introduce themselves: "Our powers to protect the colors! We are Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"



Both: ダブルレインボーペインティング!

Cure Heather: ときめき、愛のチカラ!キュアヘザー!
Cure Lavender: きらめき、夢のチカラ!キュアラベンダー!

Both: 私たちの力虹色を守る!
Both: ふたりはプリキュア!レインボースター!


Both: Double Rainbow Painting!

Cure Heather: Tokimeki, ai no chikara! Kyua Hezā!
Cure Lavender: Kirameki, yume no chikara! Kyua Rabendā!

Both: Watashitachi no chikara nijiiro wo mamoru!
Both: Futari wa purikyua! Reinbō Sutā!!


Both: Double Rainbow Painting!

Cure Heather: Throbbing, the power of love! Cure Heather!
Cure Lavender: Sparkle, power of dreams! Cure Lavender!

Both: Our powers to protect the colors!
Both: We are Pretty Cure! Rainbow Stars!



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