Dokidoki Love! Pretty Cure! is the opening song for Love Cards Pretty Cure! The song goes for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

ATTENTION: Lyrics might change!


TV-Size Version

TV Version English

(Dokidoki! Pretty Cure~!)
Falling in love is natural
A way you know you know you are in love....
(Is when your heart beats fast!)

Pretty Cure~ sitting by and playing cards
will save you anytime when you are in need!
(La-La-Lovely~!) But when they are in a pinch....
Get up and cheer them on with your heart~!

Four loving hearts running to the future
to save the queen and king of hearts!
Hearts pounding fast~
(Heart! Diamond! Clover! Spade!)

Doki! Doki! Love~! Pretty Cure!
Are here to keep love of cards here always!
(Dokidoki! Love! Pretty Cure!)
Love Cards Pretty Cure!

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