Doki Doki Power Pretty Cure!
Doki Doki Pawa PreCure
General Information
DirectorUser: CureAlexa19
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 14, 2026 - November 30, 2027
Opening SongHeart - Pounding Love♥
Ending SongMirace♥Love

Go! Pretty Cure

Series Info
PredecessorMythical Pretty Cure
SuccessorDarling Pretty Cure
Doki Doki Power Precure!' (Doki Doki Powa Pretty cure!), loosely translated as "Heartthrob Power Pretty Cure", is a Japanese Magical Girl Anime series. It is created by User:CureAlexa19. It is the 20th pretty cure series, making it an aniversary. It's Movie is Doki Doki Power The Movie: Majikaru ikimono to odoroki Hime Chikaramase chō


See Doki Doki Power Pretty Cure Episodes




Kutsu Trio

  • Marmo
  • Lumina - The daughter of king jabberwocky. She wants to hang out with Makoto instead of Mana, Rikka, Alice, and Aguri.


  • Zetsubō - Are the main series's monsters. 
  • Kuragari - Are underlings who work for the kutsu Trio

Movie - only characters

  • A butterfly
  • Tori
  • Shinju
  • Haruno
  • Umi
  • Tora
  • Princess Hosshiwa - The main nemesis.


  • Bel

Trump Kingdom


  • Kokoro Neera - Ouji's younger sister. She once a pretty cure, Cure King. But then, Her mascot, Neera had ansemia however, She can only transform when there is danger. She also has a heterochromia. Her Japanese Voice Actor is Kinoko Yamada.
  • Kamiwa Ouji -A 14 years old boy, who lives one block away form Makoto. Altought, Ouji doesnt know Makoto alot He has a crush on her.


  • Shining Happiness Mirrror - The Girl's Device To Transform.
  • PreTransformCards -  The Cures use this to transform and change forms. When all of them are gathered, any wish or a dream can be granted. It only appears whena Cure defeats a Bokunaku which then, The card floats in the air.




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