Diving Deep! Pretty Cure
ダイビング ディープ!プリキュア!
Daibingu Dīpu! Purikyua!
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Diving Deep! Pretty Cure (ダイビング ディープ!プリキュア! Daibingu Dīpu! Purikyua!) is a fanseries created by FairySina, CureJade2910, and Sweetangel823. Its theme is water.


Diving Deep! Pretty Cure Episodes



Mimi Fukaiyari (深い槍美海 Fukaiyari Mimi?)/Cure Pearl (キュア パール Kyua Pāru?)

Mimi is a very sporty girl and her favorite sport is volleyball. She is a bright girl, but she hates losing more than everything else and has a strong sense of justice. Mimi loves sweet things, her her favorite sweets are cookies. Her alter ego is Cure Pearl, and in her Cure Form, her powers include Light and Sparkles. Her theme color is white, and has accents in blue and pink. Cure Pearl has pale pink hair, and Mimi has [...] hair, and cyan blue eyes.

Mizu Ningyotama (人魚玉水 Ningyotama Mizu?)/Cure Mermaid (キュア マーメイド Kyua Māmeido?)

Mizu is an elegant and graceful girl. She's clever, and good in her studies. She is also good at dancing, but she doesn't usually show it. Mizu is very aware of her surroundings as well. Her alter ego is Cure Mermaid, and in this form her power is bubbles in all forms. One of her attacks is her defensive "Pretty Cure! Mermaid's tear" (プリッティー・キュア!マーマイドズ・テア Purikyua! Māmaidozu tea?). As Cure Mermaid, her theme colour is light blue, and she has long, wavy hair in this colour. Mizu is Mimi's partner, whom she transforms with.

Sangosuiiki Aoi (珊瑚水域碧い Sangosuiiki Aoi?)/Cure Coral (キュアコーラル Kyua Kōraru?)

Aoi was together with Youko the first Pretty Cure Duo of this season. She is quite stubborn, and is rather short-tempered, but also a Tsundere. At first, she didn't want to team up with Mimi and Mizu. It takes a while for her to warm up to someone, but when she does, that's where her loyal side shows up. She is very loyal to those she consider her friends, and defends them no matter what, even if they say no. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Coral. Her powers are related to reflecting and/or Storm. Aoi has short dark purple hair and eyes. As Cure Coral, her hair becomes longer and turns into a light shade of blue/lavender or grey. Her eyes are blue.

Okiunabara Yoko (沖海原洋子 Okiunabara Yōko)/Cure Deep (キュアディープ Kyua Dīpu)

Youko was together with Aoi the first Pretty Cure Duo of this season. Youko is a very shy girl and is sometimes afraid to talk to other persons she don't know. She is often afraid of saying something wrong. Her best friend is Aoi, who cares very much about her. To her friends and her family, she is more open. Although she liked to team up with Mimi and Mizu, she didn't say something to them. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Deep. Her powers are related to feelings and she can freeze water. Youko has light yellow hair and brown eyes. As Cure Deep, her hair becomes blonde and her eyes change to navy blue.



Other Characters





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