The Disguise Power Pens are devices that, like the Transformation Power Pens, look like ordinary pens to civilians. It allows Bunny Gekkono, Tensaimi Aquano, Hono Akano, Itsuki Oak, Amaimomo Yasashi-Sano, and Kokennin Hatsuno to disguise themselves to complete missions easier. They can look like anyone they want to be, but they also gain the knowledge of who they're disguised as. They carrry around the pens as normal writing tools.


The pens appear in SSPC10. The pens have a different gem representing each member. A pink gem for Bunny, a blue gem for Tensai, a red gem for Hono, a green gem for Itsuki, a yellow gem for Momo, and a clear gem for Kokennin. Before the pens appeared, Twilight and Dusk had to use their mascot magic to manually disguise the members. The pens stay the same whether in civilain, Cure, or in disguised form.


The Disguise Power Pens are used to disguise the Sailor Suit Pretty Cure members. To transform they must say, "Disguise Power, Make On!" and point the flashing gem at their chest. Then they say "Change me into a _______!" For example: "Change me into a doctor!" Then they transform into the disguise that they called out. To de-tranform, they must say "Disguise Power, Turn Off!" Then they will get rid off their disguise.


  • The Disguise Power Pens are the second pen-like items existing in the Pretty Cure universe.
  • They are also the first disguising items in the Pretty Cure universe.

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