Date A live (デート・ア・ライブ Dēto A Raibu?) is the first ending song for GoTHiC Pretty Cure!. It started airing from episode 1 on June 14, 2022.




TV Size Version

Japanese Romaji Translation
誰もがうつむく街(Dead or Alive)
乾いた風 吹き抜けてく
光 求めた瞳 (Dead or Alive)
Dare mo ga utsumuku machi (DEAD OR ALIVE)
Kawaita kaze fukinuketeku
Hikari motometa hitomi (DEAD OR ALIVE)
Utsuru no ha zetsubou dake
Everyone is downcast in this city (Dead or Alive)
where a dry wind blows through
My eyes sought for the light (Dead or Alive)
But all they saw was despair
探すその手で 止めて
Dare ni mo todokanai sakebi
Sagasu sono te de tomete
My scream can’t reach anyone
So stop me with your very hands that I’m looking for
何もかも 壊れた世界で
触れた優しさが まだ怖くて
Nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de
Wake mo wakaranai mama ni
Fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute
In this world where just about everything is broken
I never understood why
But I’m still scared of the kindness that I touched
穴の開いた 心のスキマ
選んで Date A Live
Ana no aita kokoro no sukima
Umete kureru hito ha kimi nano?
There’s a gaping hole in my heart
Are you the one who will fill it?
Make your choice, Date A Live


  • This is a real song performed by Sweet ARMS and is not written by Cure Lucky.

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