Dark Moon
Dark Moon
Dāku Mūn
Personal Information
Birthday Dateunknown
Hair Colorblack
Eye Colorred
Home PlaceShadow Moon
RelativesShikohana Mizuki
Theme Colorblack (main)

red (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
Little Lily Pretty Cure
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
Little Lily Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMFPC01

Dark Moon is the leader of the villains from Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure. She calls herself the dark side of the moon and makes Cure Crescent as her main villain. She rules the world called Shadow Moon.


Fight against Cure Crescent

Kidnapping Tsuki

Final Fight against Cure Crescent



Dark Moon has black hair, tied into a low ponytail. She has red rose hairclips with black ribbons. Her eyes are red She wears a grey dress with a black belt and a double layed skirt. She wears a black collar with a grey bow and a red bell on it. She also wears black frills on her arms and black gloves with a grey bow and a red bell. She wears black boots.


Dark Moon has similar powers as Cure Crescent but is more powerful. As leader of Shadow Moon, she has the ability to summon Dakunesume.





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