Dance Practice (ダンスの練習 Dansu no renshū) is the first short film in Pretty Cure All Stars DX4: Purikyua Yunaiteddo Dotsu to Shite!. It features Cherry, Emily, Nozomi, Hibiki, Mana, Miyuki, and Nagisa learning how to dance well from Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna. It is also in the extras section under "Short Films".


The girls are chatting quietly and waiting for Love and her friends. Love then appears and tells the girls that they will be learning the dance to H@ppy_Together!!. They start showing the moves. Things seem to go well. But suddenly Nagisa trips on Hibiki and they both fall. Love is surprised along with everyone else and asks what happened. Nagisa said it was clumsy her and she tripped. The girls all laugh and Love turns the music on. The English version of the song comes on and the girls dance to the TV ending song. After the end and they pose, they start laughing and hugging each other. They also tell each other, "Good job!" and thank Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna. They all laugh and at the end are seen at Kaoru's Donut Shop eating donuts. Then the lights fade to black.


  • At the end of the movie version, Fresh Pretty Cure! is shown on screen. Love as Cure Peach then says: "Hope you enjoyed that film!! Now, back to the movie!" and the Cures pose, then the screen fade to black.
    • At the end of the extra version, credits play while the Cures on a stage shaped like a clover are dancing to the previous ending of Fresh Pretty Cure!, You Make Me Happy!.

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