Soshite sore wa hajimarimasu, Henkō no shinseiji no rīdā!
Diverse Connections Pretty Cure! episode 01
そしてそれは始まります, 変更の新生児のリーダー!
"And so it Begins, A newborn leader of Change!"
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Opening Our World, Our Way!
Ending International Miracle! Pretty Cure
Directed by Miyazaki11

And so it Begins (そしてそれは始まります Soshite sore wa hajimarimasu?) is the debut episode of Diverse Connections Pretty Cure!, which focuses on Catherine becoming Cure Chaos.


Episode 1 Transcript
Catherine Del is just another student at Hamaki-Rosa academy, a prestigious school known for it's international transfer program and it's acceptance of all people. But like many student, Catherine doesn't fit in with the rest of the school. When Catherine seeks to be alone to finish her manga, she briefly learns about a serious plot and gains the power to fight it!

Major Events

  • This is the debut episode of Diverse Connections Pretty Cure!
  • Catherine Del becomes Cure Chaos for the first time
  • Siji and Jedan make their debuts
  • We learn that Ena and Aikawa Chiyo are the same person


Pretty Cure



Minor Characters


  • This is the first debut episode of a Pretty Cure series to not introduce the mascot

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