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Cyber Idol Pretty Cure
Cyber Idol Precure Logo
Saibā Aidoru Purikyua
General Information
DirectorCure Ageha
Original RunAugust 23, 2015 - ??
Ending SongYuujou no Change


Series Info
Theme(s)cyber life
Cyber Idol Pretty Cure (サイバーアイドルプリキュア Saibā Aidoru Purikyua?) is a series created by Cure Ageha. The series theme is cyber life and happiness.


See: Cyber Idol Pretty Cure Episodes

WonderWorld (ワンダーワールド Wandāwārudo?) is a new social media site which uses RPG-like interface, allowing the users navigating around the site using their own unique avatar as if their avatar is exploring a whole new world. It's well liked by young people due its cute appearance and handiness as all-in-one site which provides a lot of entertainment such as video hosting, games, forums and blogs. Despite its raising popularity worldwide, no one knows who created this site and where it comes from.

Usami Reina is one of a user of WonderWorld; a quite avid user if one must say. She's online day and night, practically any chance she's free. She enjoys chatting with other users and made many friends there. One day, she gets to learn a secret of this beloved site. The site is actually run by fairies and was created in order to connect the human world with fairy world. She also learned that despite the site was created with a good intention, an evil entity misuse it to spread misery to the human world instead. Reina is then asked to become a legendary warrior, Pretty Cure, in order to save people and cleanse WonderWorld from the evil.


Pretty Cures

  • Usami Reina (兎美れいな Usami Reina?) / Cure Actor (キュアアクター Kyua Akutā?)
    Reina is an introvert 16-years-old girl. She rarely takes the initiative to communicate with others and finds it hard to openly express her feelings. Despite her distant character in her daily life, she becomes a somewhat different person when she's in WonderWorld. Interactions in WonderWorld is easier and fun; she fully realizes how she can become a more lovable and friendly person there. Because of that, she ends up spending most of her free time accessing the site. As Cure Actor, her theme color is pink.
    She is voiced by Najou Yoshino.
  • ??? (?) / Cure ??? (?)
    Second cure to appear in the series. Her theme color will be blue.
  • ??? (?) / Cure??? (?)
    Third cure to appear in the series. Her theme color will be green.


  • Pixel (ピクセル Pikuseru?)
    A fairy from from Binary Kingdom and is part of WonderWorld staff. He was sent on a mission to find a cure candidate and later became Actor's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with -piku.
    He is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa.
  • Ultra (ウルトラ Urutora?)
    Chamberlain of Binary Kingdom as well as the head administrator of WonderWorld. She is the one responsible for Pretty Cure project.
    She is voiced by Pile.
  • Sector (セクタ Sekuta?)
    A fairy who is also on a mission to find a cure candidate. He looks up at his senior, Pixel. He ends his sentences with -seku.
    He is voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa.
  • Nano (ナノ Nano?)
    A fairy who is also on a mission to find a cure candidate. She doesn't get along well with Pixel and regards him as her rival. She ends her sentences with -nano.
    She is voiced by Tokui Sora.
  • Queen Tera (クイーンテラ Kuin Tera?)
    Queen of Binary Kingdom.
    She is voiced by Kusuda Aina.


  • Master Einn (?)
    Leader of Infinity. His real intention is still unknown.
    He is voiced by Miyano Mamoru.
  • Tvo (?)
    First commander of Infinity. A prideful man who tends to look down on others. He is the personification of flamer.
    He is voiced by Suwabe Junichi.
  • Drei (?)
    Second commander of Infinity and the youngest of three. He is quick-witted, but easy to lose his composure when he's losing the battle. He is the personification of troll.
    He is voiced by Minagawa Junko.
  • Viar (?)
    Third commander of Infinity, a fearsome man who acts as Einn's right-hand man. He is a cold and calculating man. Tvo and Drei are afraid of him. He is the personification of unjust banning.
    He is voiced by Ono Daisuke.
  • Ekkert (?)
    A mysterious person that is said to be Einn's partner.
  • Shiranee (シラネー Shiranē?)
    Monsters created from human's misery.


  • Inuma Aya (犬間彩 Inuma Aya?)
    Reina's shy classmate who is really good at art. Aya was shun away by her former classmates in middle school because of her "peculiar interest" and since then she became afraid of showing her drawings. She fell victim to Infinity but was saved by Cure Actor. Since then she became a huge fan of Pretty Cure and upon getting purified, wants to became stronger. She opens up a little and manages to befriend Reina, not knowing that the later is in fact, Cure Actor.
    She is voiced by Uchida Aya.
  • Masuko Misa (増子美差 Masuko Misa?)
    President of newspaper club, 3rd year. She likes gathering news about Pretty Cure and once tried to uncover their secret identity. She changed her mind shortly after she was saved from a monster attack and now runs a blog called Pretty Cure Support Club, a place where people can discuss and report new findings regarding monster attacks around the town. She made it in hope the information can be useful for Pretty Cure to defeat their enemy.
    She is voiced by Kubou Yurika.
  • Nekoyama Sachi (猫山幸 Nekoyama Sachi?)
    Reina's classmate. She recently transferred from Kansai region & really loves making puns.
    She is voiced by Iida Riho.
  • Usami Mito (兎美見慈 Usami Mito?)
    Reina's aunt who works as a pediatrician in local hospital. Reina is currently living under her care.
    She is voiced by Han Keiko.
  • Mr. Sanada (真田先生 Sanada-sensei?)
    Reina's stern homeroom teacher. He was Infinity's first victim.
    He is voiced by Kusunoki Taiten.
  • CANON (カノン Kanon?)
    A vocalist and guitarist of an indie band. Her songs are mainly about dreams and believing in one's self. She is Miya's former classmate. Her real name is Ootori Kanon (大鳥花音 Ōtori Kanon?).
    She is voiced by Mimori Suzuko.
  • Endou Tomoka (縁遠友香 Endō Tomoka?)
    Reina's old friend. They used to go to the same school until Tomoka moved away. She's currently studying abroad.
    She is voiced by Niita Emi.


  • CureVice (キュアバイス Kyuabaisu?)
    The Cyber Idol Cures' transformation item. It took shape of a white smartphone. It also has a virtual room where the Cure's respective fairy partner resides.
  • Bits of Happiness (幸せのかけら shiawase no kakera?)
    Source of energy for the fairy world. It materialized from human's happiness.


  • Kanazono (神奈園 Kanazono?)
    The Cyber Idol Cures' hometown. It is a small seaside town.
  • Toumei Academy (透明学園 Tōmei Gakuen?)
    Reina's high school.
  • WonderWorld (ワンダーワールド Wandāwārudo?)
    A junction that connects human world and fairy world. It also works as an extension of the fairy world and the fairy uses this place to watch over the human worlds and collect bits of happiness. Human can access this place through an application with the same name, although indirectly.
  • Binary Kingdom (バイナリ王国 Bainari Ōkoku?)
    A magical kingdom where the fairies live. It's located on the other side of WonderWorld.
  • Wailing Forest (慟哭の森 Dōkokunomori?)
    An ever-growing, dark forest in Binary Kingdom which is said to be materialization of negative feelings.


  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure is the first series where the lead character has to fight alone for several episodes before finding other cures.
    • It's the third series where the cure(s) fight alone before forming/joining a team after HeartCatch Pretty Cure! and HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!
  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure is the fifth series to have phone-shaped transformation device.
    • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure is the first series where the fairy partners live inside the transforming device instead of transforming into one.
  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure is the first series to feature a team consisted of pink, blue and green trio.
  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure is the second series to feature black color in all of the Cures' costume, proceeded by HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!
  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure is one of a few series where the Cures' civilian clothes don't follow their theme color. This was made to give them more realistic look and enrich their personality.
  • The main characters as well as several secondary characters are voiced by µ's from LoveLive!
    • Opening, endings and some of the theme songs are also sung by µ's.
  • The geometric pattern on the Cures' outfits are inspired by Futuring Girl brand from Aikatsu.
  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure's cyber life theme was inspired by Corrector Yui, though most part of the original plan had been changed.
  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure's title was partially inspired by Cyber Idol Mink.
    • Partially because even though they have the same title, the concept of the so-called cyber idols are really different one another.
  • Despite being called as cyber idols, none of the Cures work as an actual idol in their real life.
    • The 'idol' part in Cyber Idol Pretty Cure refers to admired / beloved figures, not idols as in profession.


Official Art

Character Design & Concept Art

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